This is one HELL of an idea -- blown nitro and/or injected nitro -- that is what the world is about. I have wrenched on blown Funny Cars and drove dragsters on Inj. Nitro for Fred Bell for over decades and people still this day will talk about that car. Gene (Snow) going to an Injected Nitro Pro Mod will be a crowd pleaser, with the noise and the flames at a big percentage fuel -- it will be something that no fan has ever seen, but take the Pro Mod with a blower on 90% with high gear and a tall gear in the rear end and you will make a class that will never be forgotten. This is what drag racing needs to put a big shot in the arm, and you will see some injected and blown nitro new and old gear heads come out to play.


Jungle George Wright
AA/FD Racing


Regarding the subject of Nitro Coupes running ADRL, I know of one that said he will be racing, Dave Tomasino. He is in Puerto Rico as I write this doing some match racing and testing his '69 Camaro.

Axel Fuentes
Toa Alta, PR


Hey Chris, thanks for mentioning my dad's name in your new column.
You might want to update it though.

My dad won the 1962 Winters driving the Mooneyes Gas Dragster over the Ratican Jackson & Stearns Fiat. He won his class in 1963 with the Newhouse roadster at Bakersfield. He also ran heads-up with the eras best Fuel Dragsters, giving them fits at the time with an unheard of 299 cu. inch Chrysler Hemi. Cagle also went head-to-head with NHRA during the Fuel Ban and was a true spokesman for “the little guy.”
Gary ran 180 MPH twice at the first March Meet beating Big in the process.

A re-bop of Cagle's Fuel Roadster is currently in the beginning stages for Cacklefest shows.

Troy Cagle


I agree completely with your "Garlits Hall of Fame" selections. Interesting note: many drivers listed have raced or are actively involved with land speed racing at El Mirage, Muroc or Bonneville. Almost all have set records at some point at those venues.

Thanks for your insight.

Clint Hightower
Fullerton, CA



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