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I know about Mitch Stott, but Zappia's car was legal weight. I know our weight limits are different, and we permit screw blowers and hemi heads, etc, but your cars are (legally) lighter and have much greater streamlining advantages (in terms of laid back windscreens, sectioning, narrowing, etc - one guy here recently imported a Willys coupe Pro Mod and was banned from using it because the body was illegal).

Dave Cook Australia

Just a minor correction to your article: [Ed. note: It should be noted for historical purposes that Zappia used a 523 c.i. Walt Austin Racing Hemi and a screw type supercharger and no overdrive restrictions while Stott was restricted to a 14-71 conventional rotor Roots 'charger with 24% overdrive.]

Actually TD overdrive is limited to 47% for a Whipple, 108% for a PSI and 70% for a Roots. Also Stott was only running ~2500 lbs and had no overdrive restriction at that event, whereas Zappia was at least 2700lb and that's a big difference (TD is 5.25lb/ci for a screw blower, at 523ci it's 2745.75lb min).

Since the air in Sydney was over 400', it will be interesting to see how he goes back in Western Australia as the air here regularly goes below sea level in Oct/Nov/Dec (it was below -500' when Victor Bray ran that 245mph pass).

Zappia's a smart cookie and it wouldn't surprise me to see a 5.8 out of that thing before the end of the oz season, it's a real beast and now it's going straight on the launch anything is possible.

Any 5 is bloody fantastic though in my book!


Simon Cope

Hey there, love your stuff, and I know you love information. Regarding your editorial insert to the John Zappia story, ANDRA enforce various over drive limits in Doorslammer. 16/71 Rootes can go 70% over; PSI can go 108% over and Whipple can only go 47% over.

I am told that at 10,000 rpm the PSI is the choice unit, but up until then, they are all fairly even in their ability to make good boost. The cars also have a biased weight break which follows: 5.25 lbs (2.38 kg) per cubic inch or a minimum of 2700 lbs (1224.7kg), including driver for vehicles using screw type superchargers; 4.96 lbs (2.25 kg) per cubic inch or a minimum of 2550 lbs (1156.6kg), including driver for vehicles using Roots type superchargers.

Keep up the excellent work.

Stu Bond


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