While watching the latest drag racing coverage, an idea came to me that I thought might help watchers that have a hard time understanding staging lights, deep staging, red lights...etc... You know how during football games they can superimpose a line on the field, during the game to show you where the line of scrimmage is? Well, how about when they show the view across the starting line, if they could superimpose the staging beams with the same kind of graphic...I think it would really help a lot of people understand what the starting line is all about...most people I talk to have no idea what the staging has to do with the race. If you could put them on the timer locations, it would help give a better view and understanding of what a 1.00 60' time is, or what going 3.45 at the 330' really means.

People see 2 cars roll up to an imaginary starting line without knowing the whole dynamic of the most important part of the race besides who crosses the finish line first..drag racing seems so straight-forward when you look at it, but there are so many little points that the everyday racer takes for granted, and the viewer has no idea how important the details are. Hopefully, the more you can show the viewer, the more interest will be generated, and more fans will follow...

I hope you can throw this at the right people.

Keep up the good work.

Tim Rinkerman


Hi Agent. Read your snippet on Aussie top doorslammer (pro Mod) in regards to nitrous use banned. I am involved in the technical side of ANDRA and would prefer if you didn't quote me at all.

The truth behind the NOS is that in the 8 or 9 years of Top Doorslammer in Australia there has never been a competitive nitrous car. I think the quickest nitrous pass in the country is about 6.80 or something. As you know our blower cars are now regularly in the 6.0's and 6.1's.

A couple of years ago now there had not been a nitrous car turn up to a top doorslammer round for two seasons and the decision was made to drop them from the rule book while
there were none around so as to ensure we didn't end up with the parity issues that exist in US Pro Mod.

BTW in 9 years of top doorslammer there has only been two nitrous cars run. Firstly Tony Defilice in a '55 Chev never made any type of competitive pass is now building a Murray Anderson 68 Camaro for a blower. And Mike Trahar in a '53 Studebaker; his car was deemed illegal in the late 90's for having a chassis that didn't meet spec.

Personally I think the decision was for the best as no-one running the class was affected at the time by the decision. Secondly Top doorslammer can continue to be a run what you brung class without dropping overdrives, changing diff ratios and adding weight mid season the keep parity.

Just my opinion. Thanks for your time.

Brett Stevens

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