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At first blush, "BOOOOOOO!" as in a response from the masses in the stands or should that be "BOOOHOOO" as a loud sobbing cry? When will the excitement come back to NHRA Professional Drag Racing? Pro Mod, even as it stands today, is one of the more exciting and enjoyable aspects of the current National Event structure. Does anyone remember the rush of adrenaline, the hair on the back of your neck standing up or the goose bumps on your arms we used to get in the "old days" of funny car? I know some will... Pro Mod, with its diversity, flash, color and characters is the next funny car class waiting to happen. NHRA and Corporate America need to wake up and smell the "Pro Mods"!! I know, I know, times are tough...

As for my advertising dollar (if I could) I would jump on the opportunity that Pro Mod offers, if that opportunity ever materializes.

Just Wondering.

Michael J. Kohn
Milwaukee, WI


Great column! Great points! Will they ever listen to reason? Of course not.

As you and I both know, drag racing is no longer about creativity. The days of a team having a car that will smoke the competition are long gone. It is now about the team that has the checking account that will smoke the competition.

We all long for the days of Lions. The days of a stretch bodied Mustang bodied funny car...with an Allison Aircraft powerplant are long gone. Holy Toledo where have you gone?

We all miss the good old days. This era much better represents what organized drag racing was and still is about.

Thanks a bunch for some great reading. Keep it coming!


Larry Irwin (remember the Rich Marino crash at the Winternationals?)


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