“I promised that I’d get my focus back where it belongs if everyone else would, too. It was a big wake-up call. Sometimes you forget why you’re here.” -- John Force on the meetings he had with all his crew chiefs and team members before qualifying began in Chicago

“This is the second time this year that the rain has bitten us.” -- Tommy Johnson Jr. on missing the cut after the last round of qualifying was washed away

“The car was actually going a little slower in the first half of the track than we normally run. I think we could have run 332 or 333. You know, it was stunning to make the run, but with Tony doing what he did, I didn’t have much time to let it sink in.” -- Gary Scelzi on being the first F/C pilot to surpass 330 mph (330.15 in qualifying)

“A little of the thunder was lost with Gary accomplishing the feat first. It would have been nice to be the first one to do it, but that is all hindsight and overall it was an awesome run and all the credit has to go to my team.” -- T. Pedregon on eclipsing Scelzi’s speed in the next pair down the track with a 331.28-mph blast

“I knew at about half-track that it was going to do something. At the end of the track the parachutes didn’t come out right away and I was thinking ‘great now I’m going to hit the
sand trap.’ But they did eventually come out and I couldn’t believe what had just happened.” -- T. Pedregon again, on his record 4.716-secs qualifying pass

“Right now we’re extremely happy, we’re pleased the car is doing everything it needs to do; it’s drivable and it’s fast. And it’s really fast, which is a beautiful thing.” -- Scelzi again, after backing up his 330.15 with a 330.55-mph pass in the third qualifying session

“Put it this way, we were nine miles per hour ahead of our 315 mph run at half track … We were on a great one.” -- Del Worsham on his 6th-place 4.771 qualifying pass despite losing the blower belt about 1,000 feet out

“I used to say it’s early in the year, but now that we have our eighth race this week and ninth next week (Topeka, Kan.), it’s definitely time for us to find the consistency necessary to win rounds and races,” -- Jerry Toliver before qualifying 16th and falling in round one to Tony Pedregon

“It burned up a piston and I saw fire so I shut it off early.” -- Cruz Pedregon on his loss in round one to Tim Wilkerson

“It was a good drag race. I had a pretty big starting line advantage on Medlen. I didn’t see him until about the 500-foot mark then he put a fender out in front of me and it stayed that way to the finish line.” -- Jeff Arend on his .074 to .108 holeshot, but subsequent loss to Eric Medlen in round one

“It’s just a helpless feeling to be out there smoking the tires at 800 feet and not see a guy like Bazemore next to you. They’re a top-notch crew. I thought maybe he had problems, and as our luck would have it lately, he came around me at the end.” -- Ron Capps on his first-round loss to Whit Bazemore

“It’s very frustrating, but it is what it is. I’m not going to cry about it, and I can’t do anything about it, so we move on and we go for it all next weekend. At least when we run three races in a row we don’t have time to stew on it. We just load up and go.” -- Worsham on hitting the mid-track cones and giving away his first-round match to Bob Gilbertson

“I thought I’d won. I never saw Eric, but when I made the turnoff, the TV crew waved me on. I couldn’t believe it.” -- Gary Densham on losing another close one to teammate Eric Medlen in round two

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