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The Skoal Funny Cars raced each other and both of them had problems off the line. The car that made the wackiest run (Ron Capps' green car) won, and then did pretty much the same thing in the final - and won again! None of John Force's Team Castrol Fords even made it into the semi's.

Bruce Allen and Tom Hammonds, Pro Stock finalists at Chicago, both failed to make the field at Columbus. They weren't alone - there were 49 cars trying to make the 16-car field! Based on e.t., if you lined up the qualifiers there would have been less than 10 feet separating them. Jim Yates, Warren Johnson and Ron Krisher are the only Pro Stock drivers to make each race so far this year.

Darrell Alderman and Mark Whisnant (photo) tried to burn-down each other on the starting line in their semifinal match-up. Starter Rick Stewart just pulled up a chair and waited. Alderman won that particular contest and was first to the finish line, too, but couldn't hold his edge in the final round.

Pro athletes usually say "Hi, Mom," but every race winner thanked his father at Columbus this year.




Greg Anderson drove a Chevy Cavalier to the Pro Stock championship by defeating Darrell Alderman in the finals at the 38th annual Pontiac Excitement Nationals. It was the second win for Anderson this season and the fourth of his career. It also marked the 100th Pro Stock victory for Chevrolet.

"To get the 100th win for Chevrolet is too cool," said Anderson. "To come against a Dodge in the final is even better. You do not want to lose in the final round when you have something like that on the line."

Anderson posted the quickest e.t. of the last qualifying session on Saturday night running 6.882 seconds. That put the 41-year-old Concord, N.C. resident in the No. 5 starting position on race day. After defeating Larry Nance in round one, the hard-charging Anderson drove his Chevy Cavalier past Ron Krisher in round two and points-leader Jim Yates in round three before taking out Alderman in a classic Chevy-Dodge grudge match for the event title. Anderson's numbers in the championship round were 6.924 seconds at 199.05 mph. Alderman slowed to a 11.094 e.t. after breaking a transmission shifting into second gear.


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