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Indy 2006...

What can I say... It still is the biggest and baddest drag race of the year and it makes NO difference in who's association. Just wish Wally's health was better so he could partake in what he started... It's been just over three years since I had the pleasure of the BIG GO... and since Burk always keeps telling me to tell a story with my pics this is my Indy experience through the lens of my camera... and any of the comments are mine... so here we go....

This was the first pic banged Sunday morning (my first day there, have a real job).

How the people at home got to see the overhead shot's. They made more laps then I did up and down the track.

The guy who won Pro Stock Bike last year after NHRA had to reverse what the clocks said cause of what TV showed.

With Roy's steam look out... She may have a movie made about her and her sister, but Richie was the first JR. to hit the show...And still regarded as one of the better P/S drivers in the field...

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