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Volume VIII, Issue 4, Page

No Problems for SPORTSnationals Winners

Words and photos by Ian Tocher

Each event winner at the Cajun Sportsnationals now has the opportunity to win the Jeg’s Crown if they go on to win the same class July 28-30, at the NHRA JEG’S.com Northern SPORTSnationals in Columbus, OH.

No problem. Those words were heard often Apr. 21-23, at the JEG’S.com NHRA Cajun SPORTSnationals in Belle Rose, LA, where almost to a man, the event winners said their paths to victory lane were relatively trouble free. The same can be said for the event itself. A brief, but heavy rainstorm drenched the track Friday afternoon, but even that turned out to be a blessing in disguise said No Problem Raceway Park owner Pat Joffrion.

“We hadn’t had any rain here in about six weeks and the track was dusty,” he explained. “The rain really washed it clean and we were able to get a much better racing surface on it after it dried.”

Jeg Coughlin Jr. (near lane), Tim Graves (far lane)

Top Dragster winner Jeg Coughlin Jr. agreed the track was in good shape, but it was the consistency of his ride that really had him impressed. He called it “flawless” and said his team did very little tweaking between rounds to keep it there.

“Really we just kept it maintained between rounds,” he said. “We build these things to be pretty maintenance free, they’re under-engined, over-tired, and under-geared, so they should get down a 125-degree track like this one here with no problem and that’s just what it did.”

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