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Volume VIII, Issue 4, Page

The staging lanes have become a mouthwatering vintage tin show when Pro ET has been called to the line. The immaculate Plymouths of Messrs Herbert and Moseley are just two examples and fit very much within the anniversary theme of the weekend.

Words by Ivan Sansom
Photos by Ivan Sansom and Rose Hughes

The season opener at Europe's oldest permanent drag strip provided the opportunity for a number of the FIA/UEM European Championship teams with a relaxed start to competition in the form of the Pro Fuel shootout for nitro dragsters and funny cars, as well as entry into the huge supporting cast for the second round of the UK National Championship. On top of all of this were the 40th anniversary celebrations for the facility, with the Saturday of the meet set aside for a "gathering of geezers" from the pages of British drag racing and the presentation of the initial tranche of the British Drag Racing Hall of Famers. Unfortunately, a great British tradition, rain, prevented the completion of most of the eliminations, but the four-day event saw some great action between the showers.

It was only fitting that Chris Hartnell was one of the racers flagged away by Bradbury as his "Backdraft" slingshot dates back to the late Sixties when it ran 11-second passes in a previous guise as the Malibu Express. Chris runs high eights with the small block alky motor. (below)







Saturday's celebrations also saw the return of the original raceway starter Stu Bradbury (above) to the startline, sending a couple of pairs of the Wild Bunch nostalgia racers away in traditional fashion with the starting flags he used way back when.

Period perfect, but very much up to date, is the Havoc Bantam altered of King, Loaring and Davies. The Rob Loaring-tuned BB/FA propelled Nick Davies to very impressive mid sevens on its first full appearance at the track, carrying the front wheels a long way past the christmas tree in Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association action.

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