Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 2, Page

Ian Tocher's Photo Extra from Valdosta

Words and photos by Ian Tocher

The Bankston Boyz, who wrecked their late-model Corvette at the ADRL opener last year at Hattiesburg, MS with Justin Bankston behind the wheel, were back in action at Valdosta with this ex-Dale Brinsfield ’68 Camaro piloted by veteran shoe Stan Allen. They qualified number 13, but were unable to stick around for raceday, allowing first alternate Thomas Myers into the show.

Tom Ashley towed his beautifully prepped ’67 Chevy II up from Niceville, FL. Though originally built in 1999, the car was never fully assembled until Ashley bought it last October. Veteran driver Mike Neal shook the car down at Panama City, FL, late last year, but the Valdosta outing marked Ashley’s first full passes in it. He managed a best of 4.610 at 154.21 mph that placed him 32 nd of 36 Pro Extreme entries.

How cold was it? These young ladies watched the races through the stitching of their blankets.

Event winner Mike Neal was still able to relax despite having to face off against Quain Stott, Josh Hernandez, Jason Scruggs, and Thomas Patterson—some of the toughest Pro Mod racers in the country.

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