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Kurt Neighbor, still the driver of the World’s Quickest Production-Engined Ford Funny Car at 6.48 seconds, swapped his homebuilt SOHC 427 into this outrageous ‘65 Comet Cyclone. Although he lost in A/FX class eliminations despite 9.40/140 and only lasted two rounds in the eliminator, the Ohioan who created the DOVE engine enjoyed the weekend after winning a Viper V-10 powerplant as a door prize!

Words and photos by Bret Kepner

Monster Mopar Weekend’s annual gathering of Midwest Nostalgia Super Stock Association machinery, (to which all brands are invited), included an amazing array of “Golden Era” vehicles. Here, Oklahoman Jason Billups eyes his Mopar opponent at half-track from the seat of his ‘62 406 Galaxie 500 during the first round of the SS/D class bout. Fifty-nine machines answered the call for class eliminations on Saturday; 54 made the first round of the eliminator on Sunday, with the $3,500-to-win extravaganza sponsored by TTI.

Larry Quinn’s earthshaking 421 Super Duty-powered ‘62 Catalina lost SS/A match to Californian Bob Wilsher’s ‘65 Belvedere, 9.935 to 9.930!

Jim Hagenhoff’s “American Muscle” Hemi-powered ‘65 Belvedere is a regular on the Midwest Nostalgia SS Association tour and easily ignites the hides with 9.80 power.


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