(Jan. 2, 2006 Cordova, Illinois)-- The 2006 Cordova Dragway Park season kicked off with a bang, with a record turnout of racers and spectators that braved the cold winters chill of HangoverFest. With temperatures in the upper 30’s and breezy conditions, fans flocked into the annual New Years Day racing tradition. “We could not be more pleased” said Track Operator Scott Gardner. “The number of new people racing was astonishing and who would have thought there would be more than 250 racing here in the winter” he continued.

"The “Pit Café” building was also very popular as we had the thermostat set at 72 degrees” Gardner explained, “It gives the fans and racers a chance to warm up” he concluded. Racing was underway at about 11:30 AM and concluded at 4:30 PM. The HangoverFest race day also included the two popular competition classes of Trophy Eliminator and The “Peacocks Tap” Pick-up Truck Shootout. It was Tom Klemme who took the Truck title and Andy Woodmacy in the Trophy Eliminator.

“It really looked like people were having fun” said Cordova’s Tazz Hines. “When you can see a wheel standing lawn mower, motorcycles and real race cars in these type if conditions it’s pretty unique” he said. “I also know the spectators were in the spirit as more than 5 gallons of the popular Bloody Mary’s were consumed” he concluded.

Cordova Dragway Park is one of very few race tracks that begin their seasons on January 1st and it appears the traditional will continue for a long time.


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