"I've always been partial to all the quicker tracks. This track is, without a doubt, one of them."—Tony Pedregon on why he likes racing at the Motorplex

"We're used to going to Dallas in October, when it's not exactly brisk but the edge has been taken off the heat a little. This time of year, it's still going to be in the high 80s, maybe even up to 90 degrees. According to the calendar it's almost fall now, but this weekend will be a definite trip right back into the teeth of summer."—Del Worsham on the new date for the Dallas race this year

"If it's hot, really hot, the conditions will slow us down. But, with no asphalt to deal with, the Motorplex track should be able to handle a lot more than any other track we race on."—Worsham again, on the unique racing surface at Dallas

"The Texas Motorplex is one of my favorites and it's definitely in my top three of favorite tracks on the circuit. It is a great race track and it has been for years. It's one of the first 'Supertracks.' It's a fast track, too. It's definitely a track we can turn the wick up on, so we're looking forward to that."—Cruz Pedregon on his inkling to go as fast as possible

"We want to go in like we're 200 behind, not 200 ahead. You've gotta race with that fear (that someone is going to take it all away from you)."—John Force on the 206-point advantage he held over Gary Scelzi heading into the Dallas event

"You get itchy waiting to race. We needed the weekend off after Indy, but we didn't need the rain in Reading. Now, after being tired a couple of weeks ago, our guys are getting stir crazy. They want to make some noise."—Phil Burkart on the grind of Indy being followed by a rainout at the next scheduled event at Reading, PA

"I tell people all the time that you know you'll have fires, but the safety gear that (Bill) Simpson and Impact supply us with makes me feel almost invincible. When you're in the car with that gear on, you feel protected from anything."—Ron Capps recalling the massive explosion and fireball he endured in 2002 at Dallas

"I think we have a car that can win one of these last five races. I know everybody says that, but my dad really has this car running." -- Eric Medlen on his prospects as the season winds down, and referring to his father and crew chief John Medlen

"It's exciting now that the tour is returning to the tracks with better air because I know we have a solid 4.80 racecar."—Jeff Arend on his hopes for the remainder of the season

"You do this because you love doing it. I'm not here for the money or the points. You do it because you love drag racing. It doesn't take a lot to motivate me to go drag racing. Any day I can go to the track and drive a race car, is motivation enough for me. I always look forward to going to the next race. I'm always ready to race, whether it's for the championship or at a local bracket race." -- Tommy Johnson Jr. on why he showed up in Dallas

"What can you say about Jimmy Prock? He's a genius. You give him enough time, he's going to figure out how to go fast. That's what happened at Indy. We got by a couple rounds where the car wasn't running just right and that's all Jimmy needed. This crew is the secret. I'm just the lucky guy who gets to drive."—Gary Densham giving well-deserved 'props' to his crew chief

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