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Hancock and Griffis were the first pair to kick off eliminations, with Hancock taking the win with a 4.247 at 166.08 after Griffis shook the tires on his Viper. Baker took the win over Smith, going 4.24 at 156.20 against Smith’s 4.38 at a faster 165.44 mph. Housley then got a lucky break when Lee was forced to back out of the waterbox with valvetrain problems, since Housley ran an off-the-pace 4.59 at 119.98 mph. Pilcher also got lucky with a bye victory in the first round against a broken Cagle, as he also shook the tires hard out of the gate in his ‘63 ‘Vette.

James Hancock launches hard at Phenix Motorsports Park.

In round two, Baker’s strong mph was not enough to beat Housley, who ran a 4.156 at 173.16 to Baker’s 4.207 at 175.01. Pilcher then earned the win over Hancock with a 4.157 at 173.81 to Hancock’s 4.329 at 153.53, but narrowly missed lane choice for the final-round matchup with Housley.

Keith Baker was running strong, but not quite strong enough to get past Housley in the semis.

By the final round, the sun had faded as Housley and Pilcher pulled into the lanes. The track temperatures had subsided, and the cooler night air was perfect for posting strong numbers on the board. Housley and Pilcher staged under the lights, then cut nearly identical reactions on the tree. Blue flames lit the trails of the cars as they rode side by side to the finish, where Housley barely edged out Pilcher with a 4.124 at 175.70 to a 4.156 at 174.33 mph.

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