Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 10, Page

By Bob Fisher

Nitro Zombies

Last week in October as the legend goes,
Just why it happens then nobody really knows,
But when the racers gather there always is that talk
About the strange things that happen in the town they call Norwalk.

There seems to have been strange sightings in the early morn
Of scary slow-moving creatures goin’ in and out of the corn.
They seem to know where they’re going,  they never stop to talk,
Just headin’ in the direction towards Norwalk Raceway Park.

But some of the local racers that know the story all too well,
They say it looks like the creatures are following a smell.
Don’t know where they come from, they sorta just appear,
Just following the fumes of a fuel car pumping nitro in the air.

So if you’re out walking and you hear something go bump in the dark,
It’s probably just one of those nitro zombies headin’ for Norwalk Raceway Park.


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