By Bob Fisher


Labor Day for drag race fans there's only one place to be --

Clermont, Indiana at a track called I.R.P.

And for the teams that race here the reason that they come

They can't say that they've done it all unless they've won this one.

One thing everyone knows -- when you come here five days to race

Bring plenty of parts, run every session, and make sure you don't make a mistake

'Cause everyone that competes here knows this is the big test.

To win the U.S. Nationals you gotta beat the best.

Another thing, remember and keep it on your mind,

Think of all the great competitors that ran at this track and crossed that finish line.

So Monday after the anthem and two cars on the line ready to race

The starter picks up the control box, goes over and takes his place,

Then he nods to the crew chiefs and says Start 'um anytime.

And this is it, first round, first pair, and you hear the starter's whine,

Then the motors come to life and the fans begin to cheer;

You're about to find out why the U.S. Nationals has lasted for fifty years.

Bob Fisher

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