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Modular Aluminum Cabinets - Fully Assembled Pro-Series
ModuLine introduces a new cabinet to the Pro-Series Line!
Maximize your storage space with new 45-degree design!
Over 10 cubic feet of storage in the corner alone!
Perfect for a computer monitor!
Corner Cabinet

All modular sections ship completely assembled with mounting hardware.
Lightweight ModuLine Aluminum Cabinets are the easiest to install!
$399.00 introductory sale price Corner Cabinet #241532C
Reg. 499.00

Call Toll Free (888)343-4463

Supercharger Carburetors

Nobody has carburetors that are dedicated specifically for supercharger installations except Holley! Sizes range from 600 CFM up to 1150 CFM, so that all possible blower sizes can be accommodated, from the 144 Holley POWERCHARGER through the Weiand 1471. The following are available:

0-80575 600 4150HP
0-80592S 600 4150
0-80572S 700 4150
0-80573S 750 4150
0-80576 750 4150HP
0-80574S 800 4150
0-80577 950 4150HP
0-80578 1150 4500

Suffix "S" on some part numbers indicates a shiny finish.

The Model 4150 carburetors include a manual choke while the Models 4150 HP and 4500 carburetors do not have a choke. All incorporate a manifold-referenced power valve except the Model 4500, which does not have power valves. This handy feature allows the plumbing of a rubber vacuum hose from the carburetor to the intake manifold. The reason is to allow the power valve to reference or "see" engine intake manifold vacuum, below the supercharger. This allows the power valve to operate correctly, providing additional fuel to the main circuit during conditions of low manifold vacuum. For show or go, these Holley supercharger carburetors will provide the perfect finishing touch to your Holley or Weiand supercharger installation.

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