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MSD Introduces MSD Stacker Ignition Controls
The MSD Stacker Ignition connects to your vehicle's wiring without disconnecting anything! The factory ignition remains in place and the Stacker delivers a powerful CD spark to improve the initial ionization of the plug gap to improve combustion in the cylinder. The two spark profiles in an economical ignition control.

The Stacker Ignitions simply "piggyback" your factory ignition wiring. This is an advantage in that the factory ECU continues to see the factory ignition signals so there should be no check engine lights or tachometer problems.

There are three versions of the Stacker offered depending on the application. Each Stacker is supplied with everything you need for installation.

For more information contact
MSD Ignition, Dept DRO,
1490 Henry Brennan Dr,
El Paso, TX 79936
or visit

Strange Engineering now offers the new Spicer Solid U-Joint in the massive 1350 size. Highly demanded by Pro Mod Racers for its superior strengtht, the new unit will eliminate a weak driveline link for all racers from the heaviest Stock and Super Stock classes to all cars that place severe shock loads on the driveline during acceleration.

With Strange Engineering's introduction of our new Custom Driveshaft Division, the new Spicer Solid 1350 U-Joint is a welcome addition t our Chrome Mloly and .083" wall steel driveshaft assemblies. Combined with a Strange 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Transmission Yoke and special Chrome Moly Steel and/or Titanium Pinion Yoke, a racer can rely on the strongest driveshaft assembly available.

All popular applications of custom driveshafts are available with any combination of 17-4 stainless or cast transmission yokes and chrome moly or cast steel pinion yokes offered as assemblies or separate component.

For more information, pricing and a specific dimension form from the oldest and most trusted manufacturer of quality driveline products for all motorsports, contact

Strange Engineering, Dept DRO,
1661 Church Street,
Evanston, IL 60201
or call 847-869-7010.

The Dual-Dynalite rear axle brake kit utilizes four of our time proven Dynalite calipers, aircraft alloy disc brake hats and lightweight steel rotors to provide unsurpassed braking power. Racers can now enjoy plenty of stopping power, combined with the extended component life provided by the reduced stress loads and lower operating temperatures of the Dual-Dynalite System.

Kits come complete with everything necessary for an easy installation, including mounting brackets, hardware, and Polymatrix 15D brake pads. Comprehensive installation instructions are also included with every kit to ensure an easy bolt-on installation. Also available is an upgrade kit to convert your standard setup to the dual configuration. Available at your Wilwood delaer, or call Wilwood for specific information.

For Wilwood's new Technical and Parts catalog, send $5.00 to:

Wilwood Engineering, Dept DRO,
4700 Calle Balero,
Camarillo, CA 93012,
or call 805-388-1188
or visit

Mr. Gasket Announces Chrome-Plated Fuel Line Fittings

Cleveland, Ohio (December 2000) Mr. Gasket announces the availability of Chrome-Plated Fuel Line Fittings.

Engineered for competition use, allows maximum fuel flow with minimal restriction. The chrome-plated finish adds a special touch for custom or competition fuel line applications.

3/8" NPT, Straight For 3/8" ID Hose: Part #2969G
3/8" NPT, 90 Degree For 3/8" ID Hose: Part #2970G

The Mr. Gasket Performance Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality performance products sold through the automotive and motorcycle markets. Brand names include ACCEL, ACCEL/DFI, ACCEL Motorcycle, Erson, Hays, Hurst, Lakewood, Mallory, Mr. Gasket and Thundersport.

10601 Memphis Ave., #12 Dept DRO
Cleveland, Ohio 44144

Royal Purple™ Synthetic Racing Oil
Royal Purple™ Synthetic Racing Oil has become extremely popular in all forms of motorsports. Many racing teams are finding that Royal Purple increases horsepower and protects their engines better than any other oil. Many engine builders and race teams have confirmed that Royal Purple™ Synthetic Racing oil delivers 1-3% additional horsepower (as much as 5% on small displacement engines). The secret to all of this is Synerlec®, a proprietary, super lubricating tough film that greatly reduces friction and tenaciously adheres to engines surfaces, even after shut-down. Synerlec® allows your engine to withstand the effects of heat and greatly reduces wear. Royal Purple is available in many different grades, from Racing 9 (0W10) to Racing 51 (20W50). The complete line of Royal Purple products includes Max Gear Oil, Max ATF Transmission Fluid and Purple Ice.

For more information contact
Royal Purple Motor Oil, Dept DRO,
23763 Royal Purple Lane,
Porter,TX 77365
or visit


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