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The Finish Line
In Memoriam

by Chris Martin
Photo by Bob Snayko

Jim Marsh was one of the very last (maybe Phil Tadlock in 1967 or Adams-Enriquez in subsequent years) injected nitro-burning fuel dragster drivers that stole headlines from the blown and injected Chrysler crowd. On March 14-15, 1964 at the West Coast Championships at Fremont Raceway in Northern California, Marsh pushed the Logghe-Marsh-Steffey/"Slot Racer" injected 389-cid Chevy C/Fuel Dragster to the sport's first seven-second run by an unblown dragster. In defeating teams like Masters-Richter, Zeuschel-Fuller-Moody, Greer-Black-Prudhomme, and in the final, Ted Gotelli and Denny Milani, Marsh ran an unheard of 7.92 with a best speed of 187.92-mph. That same year, Marsh switched the "Slot Racer" over to a unique streamlined body with an injected motor and later a blown Chevy motor with mixed results.

Reportedly on April 29th of this year, Marsh died from lupus. It was his 66th birthday.


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