Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 6, Page
Back when the rear engine funny cars were running and competitive, another unusual version of the funny car came on the scene…twin engine funny cars and more specifically funny cars with an engine in the stock location and one in the back seat. To our knowledge there were only two of these beasts ...
To me, the rear-engine Funny Car was one of the sport’s most amazing creations. All of them looked scary as hell because historically almost none of the cars from the 1960s escaped for long without some disaster occurring. The envelope was really stretched with these monsters.  However, remarkably, in the pioneer days (obviously including the 1970s), a number of these things really kicked ass. When asked about rear-motor floppers most people think of Jim Dunn’s Barracuda, which won the 1972 NHRA Supernationals at Ontario Motor Speedway. I saw that race and it was an event to remember, but there were others that ran respectably also.

Words by Chris Martin
Photos by Jeff Burk and from DRO files


ou know how we DROers come up with our story ideas? Burk will say something along the lines of “Martin, what do you know about rear-motor Funny Cars?”

“A little bit,” I sputter.

“Well, I’ve got some great pictures of a few of the rear motor cars and I’d like to see
something on them,” he explains.

“Oh brother, I’d have to research it in depth and a lot of my old Drag News and race
magazines are scattered all about the family garage, basking in the glow of rat litter,
” I counter.

“DO IT!” he whispers.

"All right, but nothing in mind-flogging depth. Just a quick retro look, okay?"