Photos by Ron Lewis

DRO's senior staff photographer, Ron Lewis, is known to sneak off and socialize with the wine, cheese and Gucci loafer set when he isn't hanging over the guardrail snorting nitro fumes, dodging burnt rubber, and trying for that all-time action shot.

He recently took a side trip to the Monterey (Calif.) Historics and Classic Car Auction and, between glasses of a rather cheeky Merlot and nibbles of aged Brie, he took the time to shoot a few classic drag cars that rolled through the auction stage. He bid on the Cobra but had to drop out when the bidding went over 300...dollars, that is. He did manage to get some seat time in the SS/AA but they refused him the keys. Go figure. He didn't buy a car, but he did send these photos.

This very cool 1960 Cadillac would be perfect for the Burkster to show up in style at the 50th Anniversary U.S. Nationals.

This rear-engined circa-1955 Buick-powered dragster sold for around $30,000.

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