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A Day in the Life of John Force

John Force running on empty?

Not arguably drag racing's most recognizable figure? Certainly not the man with more NHRA national events wins that anyone else and a 10-time champion in his Funny Car. John Force out of gas?

Not that man who has generated millions of dollars, whether in sponsorship agreements, race winnings or merchandise sales? Not the man who could easily serve as America's poster boy for coffee?

Yes, it's true. On a warm December afternoon, motorists in Yorba Linda, Calif., undoubtedly were shaking their heads to see Force emerge from his white Jaguar and approach the car behind him. The other driver quickly scrambled out of his car and the pair exchanged a few words before returning to their seats.

"He ran out of gas," the sportswriter driving the five-year-old Nissan said to his passenger. "He said he forgot to stop at the gas station the last time he drove the car. He wants me to push his car to the gas station around the corner.

"Who's ever going to believe this? Us pushing John Force. What are those people back there thinking? What are they going to think when they see this Nissan, with bumps and bruises of two teenagers learning to drive, pushing a Jag?"

Yet, it was happening. It was part of an extraordinary day, something that was not supposed to happen. Yet, it was a day in the life of John Force that was out of the ordinary. From the beginning, it was day of unexpected events, a glimpse into the 300-mph life of the sport's greatest competitor, supporter, fan-well, you get the picture.

Wally Parks may have started the madness 50 years ago, but it's Force that is pushing it into the new millennium, although at the current moment he' s the one requiring a tow to the station.

As the white Jaguar stops in front the pump, the sportswriter parks his car and makes a dash for Force. A close inspection reveals some rubbing marks on both bumpers.

"John, I'm sorry. Great car and I go screw it up," he says.

"Not your fault, it's mine. You know, sometimes I know I need gas but I'm thinking about something and I forget I need gas," he said while working the nozzle. A smile suddenly appears.

"I know you. I know what you're thinking. `How many times has John Force run out of gas?' " he says in a mocking sing-song. "Hell, get on over to Sally's over there, grab us a table and let's get some lunch.

"Just don't tell Coil."

Life is never as simple as it appears with Force, the most dominating driver in the sport's history. In an 11-year span, he won 10 Winston championship to tie Bob Glidden's record. On June 4, 2000 he won his 86th NHRA national event to better Glidden's mark.

Force finished 2000 with 92 career victories and 100 is now certainly within reach. He's confident of that fact, as long as Austin Coil, Bernie Fedderly and John Medlin continue to work their magic with the wrenches on his cars.

Their efforts, now reinforced by the addition of Tim Gibson to the race team's engineering staff, are great. No group has been as successful as the Brain Trust, as the three were dubbed on their own autograph card. But there is no doubt as to who's in charge or who's vision they are all chasing. John Force provides the goal, complete with motivation, and the tools needed to get there.

The sportswriter's day was never intended to get this involved. In assignment for Drag Racing Online, he expected 30 minutes for an interview, an hour at best. What he got was a rare glimpse of a John Force day, although far from typical because of the personal time Force would spend.

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