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The powerful sparks of these ignitions will ignite high revving, high compression engines to produce great throttle response, a clean idle and incredible power throughout the entire rpm range

Capacitive Discharge design produces powerful sparks through high rpm.
Every spark is at full power, even each multiple spark, for complete combustion.
Adjustable soft touch rev limiter for engine saving overrev protection.
Multiple spark series lasts for 20° of crankshaft rotation.

3-Step Rev Control.
RPM Activated Switch.
4-Stage Retard System.
Start Retard Circuit.


Charles Dickens said it all, "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." When we were all anxiously awaiting to see what the Y2K bug would do last January first, no one would have anticipated the up and down year that occurred. We asked some of our regular contributors to list their highs and lows. Send in your list to



Jeff Burk's nomination

Ron Lewis's nomination

Chris Martin's nomination

Chris Karamesines

Photo by Jeff Burk.

Jerry Toliver

Photo by Jeff Burk.

Dave Schultz

Chris Karamesines…for keeping the dream alive. (JB)

Jerry Toliver for getting NHRA an incredible amount of priceless exposure on WWF's very highly viewed television events. (RL)

Photo by Jeff Burk.

Dave Schultz who, despite having a serious fight with cancer on his hands, won NHRA's Houston race. (CM)



John Force won his 10th Winston Funny Car title to once again reign another year as the sport's most dominant racer and its best good-will ambassador. (CM)




Typical American Voter???

Photo by Jeff Burk.

The American Voter. Sorry, I gotta skip off the drag race trail here for just a second. Bush and Gore??? Where was your b.s. detector? Where are your street smarts? Two of the most obvious hand-picked corporate hand puppets of all-time; two groomed, rehearsed and trained monkeys of the worst stripe. Shame on the generation that popularized the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again." You did this time. Next time vote "No Confidence." Send 'em back to the drawing board. Now back to drag racing…(CM)




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