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Meet the neXt Generation
of Drag Racers:

Erick Aguilar

Words and photos by Tim Marshall

There isn't anyone more on the Sports Compact "hot-list" than engine builder supreme and Honda All Motor class racer Erick Aguilar. Erick's Torrance, California engine factory has pumped out hundreds of winners in the past. Erick has built over 2,000 engines at his relatively small but efficient shop.

At any Import/sport compact event across America and overseas Erick is quite well known for his powerful Honda powerplants. All he builds is Hondas. Erick says he sticks to Honda because "I build what I run myself; it has proven to be a winning combination." He is the IDRC National record holder in "all motor" at a fantastic 10.60 and presently the IDRC point leader, too.

Racing Hondas is not the only form of racing that Erick has competed in; many of his trophies came from motorcycle racing too. He was a road racing motorcycle champ before switching to full time Import drag racing three years ago.

Aguilar is only running the IDRC circuit, because he feels that it is just impossible to attend every Sports Compact/Import event and still maintain a successful business. Also, he adds, "Each sanctioning body has different rules, so this year I will run just IDRC, maybe a couple of other selected races too, like I did run the Battle of the Imports opener."

Erick agrees with my assessment of the scene that there is NO WAY four sanctioning bodies can survive. "There are just too many events, many in the same location," he says. "Most of us (Import racers) have families and businesses to run."


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