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The ANSWER to safer towing, reduced damage to your tow vehicle and a smoother ride!!

“Trailer-Toad” prevents:

Damaged rear frame and hitch components.
Buckled sidewalls and floor structure.
Unpredictable braking.

“Trailer Toad” enhances:

Control of trailer and tow vehicle.
The longevity of tow vehicle.
Resale of tow vehicle.

No welding - No fabrication “Trailer-Toad” comes complete ready to attach to your 2” receiver hitch. Includes new weight-distribution hitch with lift bars and brackets.

  • Takes the tongue weight OFF the tow vehicle. Less wear and tear on tow vehicle.
  • Torsion axle will handle 2000 pounds of tongue weight.
  • Enhances tow vehicle / trailer control in all circumstances. Especially effective in emergency braking and crosswinds.
  • Will prevent rear frame and body damage on R.V.s. From Class C to diesel pushers.
  • Tow enclosed trailers safely with _ ton 4x4s
  • Protect your tow vehicle from excessive hitch loads caused by rough or choppy highways.
  • All pivots have grease-zerks, hubs have bearing buddies for EZ service.
  • Spare tire, trailer plug-in extension, instructions and all hardware included.


P.O. Box 448 – Janesville, IA 50647
(319) 404-7001  dragsterboy@mchsi.com