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By Tracy Winters

he Drag Racing Association of Women may seem, to many like a small organization with just a few volunteers.  In many ways this is correct about the size of the organization, but the number of people that they assist and the reach of the organization are is by no means small.  To those drivers and their families whom are assisted, D.R.A.W. is a large factor in their lives during the difficult time of recovering from an accident.  The number of families that have been assisted over the years is literally in the hundreds.   

To be exact, since the inception of DRAW over 2.7 million dollars has been given to injured racers and their families.  When you think about it that is a lot of money.  It is more money than the average person earns in their working career. 

On the volunteer front, the number of ladder sheets distributed is not in the millions but they are very significant.  The coordinator of the ladder sheet program is none other than Terry Noble. Terry donates his time to D.R.A.W. providing copies of NHRA national event ladder sheets to sportsman racers and drag racing fans. The ladder sheets are provided for a nominal fee to racers, which helps D.R.A.W. raise money to assist injured racers and their families. Terry has developed quite a relationship with sportsman racers around the country.   Terry and his wife Rosalee are present at the D.R.A.W. booth, which this year is located under the Barry Grant and Nitro Plate trailer located on manufacturers' midway.

Terry Noble ­ Shown assisting customers at the NHRA Pontiac Excitement Nationals held in Columbus, Ohio, May 18 ­ 21, 2006.

Terry is an excellent example of a family man who is dedicated to his family, children and to D.R.A.W.  The next time you are at an NHRA national event stop by and see Terry Noble at the D.R.A.W. booth.  Last, but not least, Happy Father¹s day to all those Father's around the country. Many of you may be racing at events like the NHRA national event in Englishtown, New Jersey, which may prevent you from being able to spend time with your family.  Wherever you are, have a wonderful Father's Day!

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