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By Tracy Winters

he New Year marks a new journey for most of us. Almost everyone has a New Year’s resolution or new goals when a New Year approaches. In the world of D.R.A.W. we vote a partial new board in at the coming of the New Year. Naturally, it would be impossible to vote an entire new board in any organization for the purpose on consistency and knowledge. Most of the time a new board brings with it new ideas, new ventures and sometimes even a new journey.

Not too long ago I was asked who impacted my life the most aside from my family. The one group that I clearly thought of was the D.R.A.W. Board of Directors. Over the years these women have shown me the importance of kindness to others, accepting everyone and anyone for who they are, and most importantly how much one life can affect another. For me the past fifteen years has been a personal journey. There is one person who I feel is a wealth of wisdom, an inspiration to me and truly a kind person. Rosalee Noble is that person. At times I feel she thinks of others before, herself.

Late last year, Rosalee gave everyone at D.R.A.W. a real scare with her health. The entire D.R.A.W. Board was concerned for her, but it turned out to be only a scare and she is
back in good health now. Shortly, after I received e-mail from Rosalee that stated she would be going to Pomona if her Doctors released her. The D.R.A.W. board urged her to take care of her health first and worry about D.R.A.W. later. Naturally, Rosalee, put someone before her own needs and made the trip to Pomona for the NHRA World Finals. I am happy to report that Rosalee will be out several of the NHRA national events this year in good health.

My next D.R.A.W. journey is the D.R.A.W. Sportsman Golf Tournament, which I am diligently working on. The event will take place on March 15th prior to the NHRA Mac Tools Gatornationals held in Gainesville, Florida. Naturally, you will be able to meet the every inspiring Rosalee Noble at this event. So get your golf clubs ready for warm weather, great golf and lots of fun.

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