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The Amazing U.S. Nationals!

By Tracy Winters

an you imagine the world of drag racing without the NHRA U.S. Nationals? To begin with, Indianapolis, Indiana, is at the heart of racing –- period. There is no other drag racing event in the world that compares to the NHRA U.S. Nationals.

I can still remember my first NHRA U.S. Nationals fourteen years ago, at the age of twenty-four. It was absolutely amazing and simply overwhelming to me. As a matter of fact, the U.S. Nationals fourteen years ago was how I first became involved with D.R.A.W. Now I am telling you my age. To this date when I bring new sales executives to the races I can see the gleam in their eye and their sheer and absolute amazement. To just be a part of the NHRA U.S. Nationals in any capacity is an experience most people will never forget.

During the action-packed 2005 NHRA U.S. Nationals, D.R.A.W. volunteers were hard at work raising money for their cause. On Saturday morning an autograph session took place with several professional drivers. The folks from the NHRA and POWERade generously allowed D.R.A.W. to host the autograph session in front of the POWERade display.

The following racers graciously donated their time to D.R.A.W.: Greg Anderson, Jack Beckman, Ron Capps, Larry Dixon, John Force, Tommy Johnson Jr., Ken Koretsky, Jason Line, Clay Millican, Gary Selzi, John Smith and Melanie Troxel. The two-hour autograph session was beneficial to D.R.A.W. as a fundraiser and creating public awareness of the organization.

Additionally, because the U.S. Nationals is such a large event, D.R.A.W. needed to set up two booths. One booth provided ladder sheets in the sportsman pit area, and the second serviced the D.R.A.W. members and spectators on the PRO side on the racetrack. The weekend proved to be successful for the D.R.A.W. volunteers.

If you are in Dallas, Texas for the NHRA O’Reilly Fall Nationals stop in and check out our annual style show and auction. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the volunteers from D.R.A.W., pick up some memorabilia items and watch a very entertaining style show. The volunteers from D.R.A.W. look forward to seeing you soon!

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