Trust me, this is not a new theory but, to be honest, I would flirt with the concept and sometimes actually achieve it. For me the competition in racing is 90 percent of the fun. I let that get away from me for too long and now that I feel I have got the CALM part down, the CONFIDENCE is returning. It can make for some long events for your competition and that is the ultimate goal of racing, right? Make the competition feel like they came to the wrong place!

Whatever your goals in racing, I think you will find them tied directly to your everyday life. If you are stressed at work you are more likely to be stressed at the starting line, the pit gate, the concession stand, etc. If you are spending too much money on the car and that is stressing you out, take a break for a month; the track will still be there. Worried about health problems or missing a family function that is creating stress? Don't race, as you are throwing money away. Think you can cut consistent lights when you are stressed out? I can guarantee you it won't happen.

The opposite is true as well. If the job is great, the family is doing good and life just seems right, you will be a "tough out" when you get to the track. To me it is about being able to focus without the distractions of everyday life. Nobody is completely stress-free, but the less stress you have to deal with at work or home, the more FUN you will have racing.

There are a lot of ways to win races and I am devoting this column to the last two jobs I have had that had me about 100 percent stressed out. I finally got rid of that part of my stress (no, not all of it as I still have to have a job!) and my racing took a huge leap forward. Four finals in five events and two wins. It has been a long, long time since I have felt this good racing. Too bad for the stressed-out guy in the other lane.

God Bless, and maybe we'll get to see you at the stripe.

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