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Just Wondering...


Just Wondering…Has anyone else noticed how many professional race cars have sponsors painted on the side of their car with no other information such as an address or phone number. At St. Louis I noticed that Troy Buff is sponsored by a Volvo truck dealer but no address, phone numbers or explanations to let fans (and potential customers) know how to get in touch with the company.  His wasn't the only car with unidentified sponsors.

Just Wondering…How many people would still be in the stands if they ran the Pro Stock final after the Top Fuel and Funny Car finals on Sunday?

Just Wondering…When they have a major oil-down or crash and know that there won’t be any racing for 30 minutes or more, why don’t the announcers tell the crowd that this is a good time to go get a cold beer or hot dog or visit the facilities instead of allowing the crowd to sit there baking in the sun for 30 minutes or an hour wondering what is going on? This happened twice at St. Louis/NHRA event.

Just Wondering…Why don’t the IHRA and NHRA make a tire rule for Stock Eliminator cars forcing them to run DOT tires? It might get some major tire companies more involved and actually make that class a little more “street legal” and appealing.

Just Wondering…When it gets to the point that to be competitive in Comp, Super Stock or Stock you must have a car that runs a second under the index, why doesn’t the competition committee make a rules adjustment?

Just Wondering… Am I the only one tired of hearing PROFESSIONAL drag racing tuners, drivers and owners (including those in the "super" classes) complain about the lights and track prep? It’s professional drag racing, these folks are getting paid a lot of money to deliver, and that includes adjusting to everything that affects them or the car. STOP THE WHINING!!!!

Just Wondering…Why can’t the NHRA figure out some way to bring in an alternate in the Pro classes? I know that in the past that some racers (Paul Smith) were selling their spot when name racers didn’t qualify, but not having a full field when there are cars available makes no sense to me and it cheats the fans.

Just Wondering…Did you know that the NHRA track crew actually puts rubber they have scraped off the track back on the starting line before the fuel cars run in qualifying and eliminations? They actually take big ol’ wads of rubber, heat it up with a torch, and spread it back on the starting line like hot Cheese Whiz. Now that is serious track prep…perhaps too serious for the fans sitting in the stands.

Just Wondering…Is it just me or does it sometimes seem like the Pro racers -- who don’t pay to get in, get paid to race and are supposed to be the paid entertainment at a drag race -- get more consideration from the sanctioning body than the spectators who are shelling out hard-earned cash to be there?

Just Wondering…. Is there a better bang for the buck in auto racing for spectators than a Friday drag race with a day/night Pro qualifying session. It’s really affordable family entertainment.

Just Wondering… Why some officials are apparently so concerned about the safety of still photographers at IHRA and NHRA drag races that they restrict where they can be on the track, yet they allow TV cameramen to go anywhere on or off the track with seemingly no regard for their safety? They also allow women and children to stand next to the starter between a pair of launching fuel cars for a cheap thrill. The TV cameramen and fans are somehow safer than the men and women behind the wall?

Just Wondering…Whatever happened to the jet cars and wheelstanders that NHRA used to have to entertain the crowds during down times on the track?

Just Wondering…When did the Nitro Mall become more of an attraction to fans than the race cars and drivers? It seems to me that some Pro classes and drivers at some events just keep getting moved further and further away from the spectators.

Just Wondering… Don’t Don Schumacher, Evan Knoll, and Connie Kalitta have just about enough pro teams between them to start their own drag racing sanctioning body? The NHRA ought to make sure they don’t piss these guys off.

Just Wondering… Can we finally stop identifying drivers in drag racing by their gender or race as if that mattered when it comes to their talents as drivers and role models? Or using those things to attract attention? Shouldn’t the fact that these men and women are driving the quickest, fastest, most powerful race cars and motorcycles in the world be enough?

Just Wondering…When will the press, major corporations, and the public get hip to the fact that while the mainstream motorsports circuits are still trying to get integrated and offer equal opportunity, professional drag racing long ago became the most socially homogenized sport in the world and give the sport its props 

Just Wondering…Am I the only one who thinks there are just too many races on the NHRA schedule? Not enough cars, sponsors, or money, but too many races.






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