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Wondering in May

Just Wondering ... Why would any racer voluntarily build and race a car for a professional drag racing class and then complain about not only the high cost of competing but how tough it is to win? Like they didn't know that stuff when they got into the class?

Just Wondering ... Just exactly when did drag racing change from a competitive motor sport where the object is to have the quickest and fastest car to a form of entertainment where "a level playing field" is more important than quicker and faster cars?

Just Wondering ... Why it has taken me so long to understand that drag racing and bracket racing are two separate sports? I finally get it, though. Drag racing is about who has the fastest hot rod and bracket racing is about which driver and car is the most consistent.

Just Wondering ... Can you successfully combine the best of bracket racing and drag racing as some racers and sanctioning bodies seem to want to do and keep the fans and racers happy?

Just Wondering ... Does the average fan watching nitro cars actually care about qualifying, especially with the relatively short Top Fuel and Funny Car fields at NHRA events these days? Maybe just watching nitro-burning cars making laps is enough for most fans.

Just Wondering ... Is it just a matter of time before NHRA tech issues a ruling that will slow down the Greg Anderson steamroller?

Just Wondering ... Did you know that NHRA generates around $4 million a year in revenue just on membership fees alone? Do the math. About $60 bucks a year for the membership times a claimed 70,000 members equals about 4.2 million!

Just Wondering ... Was I the only one that found it bizarre that the recent Sports Illustrated piece on the Strip at Las Vegas contained practically nothing about NHRA or the two NHRA national events held at that track.

Just Wondering ... Is there a better class in all of doorslammer racing than the Mustang Pro Mod 5.0 cars? The class has a little something for everyone with engine combinations that range from 815-inch mountain-motored IHRA Pro Stock combinations, to supercharged or turbocharged fuel-injected engine combinations, to nitrous oxide injection and even EFI combos. It is a real run what you brung, heads-up doorslammer class. Go see it before the rule makers and whiners screw it up too.

Just Wondering .... Shouldn't Bob Glidden be in line for some kind of crew chief of the year award for the job he has done for good guy Larry Morgan?

Just Wondering ... Wouldn't it be really cool if Don Prudhomme, Don Schumacher, or Ed McCulloch brought some of their old cars out and drove at a Nostalgia Funny Car race? With the restrictive rules now in place they couldn't outspend the other guys and it sure would be cool to see those guys driving again.

Just Wondering ... When is someone actually going to have a real race with qualifying and a ladder for jet dragsters? I'd pay to see that show!

Just Wondering ... Who decided that the main attraction of Pro Mod was the nitrous vs. blower part? I was originally attracted to the idea of the class because I thought that I'd see the first 200-mph door cars and eventually the first five-second doorslammer and, frankly, I didn't care what kind of engine combo they used. Evidently the people in charge have decided that the attraction is the show not the performance. How did they come to that conclusion?

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