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"The NHRA's 'SPEC FUNNYCAR OF THE FUTURE' program suffered a serious setback when the VP in charge of developement chose the wrong page in his Rolodex and contacted Tim Burton instead of Tim Gibson. -- Dan Bennett, Hasbeen, MO

Getting Honorable Mentions are:

"Right after I did the Evelyn Wood speed reading course, I did Ernie's Better Welding course. This is my first attempt at a roll cage." --John Geltink, the Netherlands

"Spy photo, just in: General Motors' newest retro-car, the Raven, should cut into Chrysler's sales of their popular Christine model." --Larry Sullivan, Baytown, TX

"If you think I don't love drag racing, you're dead wrong!" --Cliff Morgan, Phoenix, AZ

"We took off the right front hubcap because it really screwed up our aerodynamics." --Karl Wortman, Akron, OH

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