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Tom Schiltz photo.

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After much debate, the winner is Kenny Shane of New York, who submitted:

"Man...those Miller guys really know how to throw a party!"

Getting Honorable Mentions are:

"Tell Compton thanks for the directions! " -- Robert Fisher , Texas

"The funny car flotee is cool, but couldn't you have gotten a smaller one? " --Colby Loveless, Norman, OK

"Hey. Guess what? I've got McCulloch in the pool. " -- Dan Vanhook, Nashville, TN

"So, we're in the backyard and we fired it up. I had Jason in the car, you know, just to let him see what it's like, and he decides to blip the throttle . " -- Cliff Morgan, Phoenix, AZ

"You might be a redneck if... " -- Randy Balough, Newbury Park, CA

"When Bobby Allison put his Miller Buick over the fence in Talladega, NASCAR mandated restrictor plates. Now that Ace has duplicated the feat, the monkey-see, monkey-do NHRA may try the same. " -- Kile Putman, Homewood, AL

"Has anyone seen that Funny Car body???? Damn those hurricanes. " -- Matt Albright, Cleveland, OH

"Damn Ed, I said drive it 'OUT' the back door, not 'IN' " -- Darrell Foley

"I said put some water down for a burnout, not do a burnout in the water! " -- Michael Greene, Burleson, TX

"The after effects of hurricane McCulloch . " -- Bryce Harris, Las Vegas, NV

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