ADRL World Finals Photo Essay [10-20-06]
ADRL World Finals at Kennedale [10-15-06]
AMS Pro Mods at Dallas [9-25-06]
ADRL Dragstock III
Race Coverage
Torco Pro Mod Shootout [8-8-06]
Super Chevy at New England [8-2-06]
Extreme 8 at Motor Mile Dragway [8-1-06]
APMA at Montgomery, AL [7-7-06]
AMS Pro Mod Challenge at St. Louis [6-28-06]
from the ADRL at Huntsville
ADRL at Huntsville [6-14-06]
ADRL at Huntsville - Same Day Coverage [6-10-06]
"The Rest of the Story" from ADRL at Memphis [6-8-06]
APMA at Valdosta, GA [5-24-06]
ADRL at Memphis [5-24-06]
Outlaw Pro Mods at St. Louis [5-18-06]
AMS Pro Mods at Bristol [5-3-06]
The Rest of the Story - ADRL at Madison [5-2-06]
ADRL at St. Louis [4-18-06]
Pro Mods at Gainesville [3-22-06]
Baker Wins Inaugural APMA [3-21-06]
Texas Outlaw Pro Mods at Kennedale [3-20-06]
ADRL at Houston: The Rest of the Story [3-9-06]
Feature Car: Jeff Benham's Chevy Corsair [3-8-06]
Harold Martin InnerVIEW [3-8-06]
ADRL at Houston [3-8-06]
ADRL at Houston: Photos [3-6-06]
ADRL Valdosta: The Rest of the Story [2-23-06]
Neal, Martin, and Barfield Victorious at Valdosta [2-21-06]
ORSCA at Atlanta [11-23-05]
ADRL at Kennedale, TX [10-20-05]

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