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One of Agent 1320's operatives from the Michigan area called to say that the often-retired Johnny Rocca is getting back in the saddle again. According to our source, Rocca drove his "Ironhorse" hemi-powered '49 Merc on Mary Jo Ledford's Stanton, MI track on July 31. According to the Agent's information, Rocca only drove the car to half-track under power during the test and went 6.81/208. Not a bad pass for the big Indian.

The Agent was unable to find out what Rocca's plans are for the rest of the season but his guess is that Rocca won't be able to resist the siren call of the bright lights. We'll make the odds 6-5 that Rocca and his steed will return to the Pro Mod scene, and the Agent will be glad when and if it happens. [8-01-2002]


The Agent hears that another often-retired Pro Mod racer, Bob Rieger, is about to return to the scene. Word has it that West Coast turbo guru Earl Dutweiller has finished up the dyno testing on a twin-turbo powered, billet hemi engine and that the engine and car is being sent to Tim McAmis' Missouri shop as this is being written for miscellaneous ducting, plumbing, and tweaking prior to being tested. The Agent hears that Rieger is planning on doing some outlaw Pro Mod racing on the Texas, Georgia, Carolina circuit. [8-01-2002]



A week or so ago Agent 1320 speculated that IHRA's Bill Bader and parent company Clear Channel was making a serious pitch to the track owner at San Antonio to host an IHRA National Event. The Agent's information is that the fly in the ointment was that the track owner wasn't willing to foot the bill for the additional seating that IHRA would require. Rumor has it that the cost for the seating would run into seven figures and the track owner wasn't willing to make that investment even with help from Clear Channel. The Agent got this info leaked to him from two different well-placed sources.

Apparently, opposition to spending money on IHRA-mandated track improvements was also the reason that Leicester, NY track owner Bob Metcalf has told everyone in the Buffalo area that IHRA won't be back. The Agent thinks there is a chance that IHRA and Metcalf may come to an agreement before next season. [8-01-2002]


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