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Maybe a lightning bolt will help?


Electric drag cars. I can see it now. Yellow, Green! Hmmmm, Hmmmm, Hmmmmm. ZZZZZZZZZ.


Fred Brown

Phenix City, AL




Maybe they should call them Modified Nostalgia?


I love the nostalgia funny cars but I have yet to one in a pic from the 70's with spill plates lowered rocker panels and extended front ends past the front wheel. I get the whole safety and support that but these floppers are NOT nostalgia anymore.


Somebody needs to start a TRUE NOSTALGIA class that has period correct bodies.


Trevor Collins

Laguna Hills, CA




Here we go again


So once again the NHRA is screwing Mopar because of GM crying about Mopar! [NHRA added 50 lbs. to the Mopars in Factory Stock]. Same sht, different management.


Jeffrey Kammes

Cortland, IL




Cut to the chase and forget the drivel


Regarding [Burk’s] latest Blast. The NHRA will continue to shoot themselves in the foot, toe by toe, until someday they won't be able to stand. My latest TV watching is limited to recording the final day and watching the last 10 minutes or so to see who won what.


I can't stand the repetitious drivel by the broadcasters.


(Hope you see this, I wanted to post this in the Blast but it meant I'd have to join Facebook. Not gonna happen.)



Steve Pitt

Salem, OR




A few thoughts on Burk's wondering


1. The reason why NHRA is trying to lower T/F and Funny Car speeds is that the Goodyear tires are only reliable to ~335 MPH per Goodyear. If NHRA wanted to properly drop the speeds all they need to do is change the maximum engine displacement to 426 C.I. There would be a lot of claims that the heads won't work with the smaller displacement but that is untrue.


2. The bogus play-off format that NHRA implemented is a huge insult to the teams that performed best all season long. On rare occasion that team also wins the championship as Steve Torrence in 2018. The rest of the time the team that does well during the last 6 races wins by default and that is NOT what a season-long championship should be about.


3. NHRA doesn't give a damn about Pro Stock racing. It only exists because of sponsor money, i.e. General Motors primarily. The foolish beliefs by NHRA management that EFI, brand windshield banners, shorter wheelie bars, et al. would somehow make these sophisticated and very expensive rolling R&D labs more attractive to the casual race fan was a clear example of NHRA management's ignorance. Only those who appreciate the P/S cars for their tech and performance enjoy watching them race. NHRA typically spends less than two minutes of telecast time for qualifying and not much more on actual race coverage. It's insulting, unfair to the racers and sponsors, and unprofessional.


4. I think that it's important to understand that the current NHRA corporation exists ONLY to provide large paychecks to a select few management people. NHRA does NOT exist for the betterment of racers, the safety of providing racers with a relatively safe place to race, or the promotion of motorsports. NHRA currently exists to generate huge revenue that ends up in the bank accounts of those in NHRA management. If NHRA could figure out a means to generate the same revenue without having to deal with racers and sponsors, they'd end NHRA racing in a heartbeat. It's all about the money and nothing more for NHRA management.



Jorge Meister






Pro Stock needs a complete make-over


Mr. Burk. I believe you are correct in reading the crystal ball in the future of so-called Pro Stock. It is so expensive and bears no resemblance to anything remotely stock. Yes the engines are technological marvels, but you are dead on with the total lack of enthusiasm NHRA hoped to generate with FI and the flat hoods.


Do you think that a complete do over could work? Back to the roots when guys bought a car and put a big ass engine in it and went racing. A new rulebook that said any car body, min wheelbase, no body mods, any engine mass produced, same brand as car, and available to the public. No carbon fiber, no power adders, no badge engineering. Of course this just a rough idea for rules, but it could make it affordable again and relate to what people are driving. Just my 2 cents.


James Moore

Menife, CA





There is more to drag racing that just the pros


Like always Burkster....you NAILED it!! They (NHRA) cannot complete a "complete package," it is always "pretty good" but then they screw it up with those stinkin' interviews of the same guys and girls that say the same thing. How about an interview with a 55-year-old guy who raced for 30 years and just won his first US Nationals in a sportsman class?


Problem is, nobody in the NHRA has a clue to the emotion and effort that win took.... That's the sad part, NHRA just doesn’t get their own sport at the sportsman level anymore. I guess the $100.000 to win bracket races are the future for sportsman racers, why give NHRA all that time, effort and money for $2,000 or $5,000 to win (if the contingency sponsors actually send the checks?) SFG races rule! Google them, it is amazing $$$.


Jok Nicholson

Out There


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