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Street Car Super Nationals at Las Vegas

Four Lanes are Twice as Nice!

Words and photos by Pete Ward

Daniel Pharris drove a 2014 Lexus(!) to a $20K payday in Ultimate 8 competition.


The Street Car Super Nationals returned to The Strip at LVMS November 15-18 and paid out a hell of a lot more loot than the casinos do! But who can put a dollar amount on the excitement this race provides.


Mel Roth and associates seem to adhere to the old American Hot Rod Association adage “If you’ve got a race car, we’ve got a class!” This five-day marathon featured 15 eliminator categories, and anything short of a snowmobile found a home at SCSN 14.


This event utilized all four of The Strip’s lanes, which sped up the event considerably: Two lanes were being prepped as the other two saw competition. And I DO mean prepped! The Big Show events looked like skating rinks compared to what track manager Jeff Foster and his team provided. Many a crew member lost a shoe to the track’s considerable “bite”.


As with any good novel or movie, the high drama unfolds at the very end and that’s what Pro Mod provided for SCSN 14.


In the semis (round 4) Ed Thornton defeated John Durdon.


Rick Hord, who had been demoralizing the competition all through the event with his record quality performance, had a single. He did a strong burnout and prior to staging, lost fire. Several attempts to restart proved futile. He HAD to stage in order to record a run, allowing him to return to the finals…which all figured would be an easy win.


His crew and several bystanders swarmed over the car trying in vain to reignite the ‘Vette, to no avail…seconds turned into minutes…. Now the front clip was removed and yet more people jumped into the fray…the clock ticked on.


FINALLY, after a frantic thrash, Hord’s ride fired to life, stumbled into the beams and staged, providing him the opportunity to face Thornton for the PM title. The crowd wildly applauded the theatrics.


Dame Fortune turned her back on Hord in the finals. He was unable to make the call, handing the championship to Ed Thornton. Ed didn’t disappoint the fans, laying down a thundering 5.54/274.61 (Event Top Speed) for the SCSN-14 final run.


The only down side is we have to wait 365 days ‘til the next Street Car Super Nationals!

David Murray, participating in Small Tire Grudge, launched into a spectacular wheel stand, carried it to half-track, landed poorly and launched into the wall. David is fine, the car…not so.

Precision Turbo Pro Mod: Ed Thornton stayed in the hunt throughout the race and was rewarded with the event PM crown when Rick Hord was unable to make the final bell.

Magnafuel Outlaw 10.5: Mike Keenan defeated Mark Woodruff 3.94/201.10 to a quicker 3.90/205.88. Prior to the final, Woodruff had dominated, qualifying #1 and set Top Speed/Low ET.

Mickey Thompson 275 Radial: Clint Downs (far lane) was victorious over John Urist in a squeaker: 4.412/160.77 to 4.418/162.72.

Ross Pistons 235 Limited: Dan Dagata (near lane) was “The Man” in this Eliminator. He qualified #1 and set Low ET & Top Speed. In the final, he defeated Mike Silva 5.26/134.40 to 5.33/132.23.

Vortech Outlaw 8.5: Derek Cooper (near lane) defeated the heavily favored Brad Medlock who qualified #1 and recorded Low ET/Top Speed. He faltered in the finals, handing Cooper an easy victory.

Magnafuel XDR: Josh Edwards’ less than pristine Camaro defeated Matt Bell (who towed all the way from Illinois) 4.31/173.41 to 4.34/183.24. Brawn over beauty?

MMR Open Comp: Kentucky’s Donnie Bowles (far lane) made Jack Roush a happy man, by taking out Brent Calvert 10.26 (10.24 DI)/130.44 to 8.76 (8.79 DI)/154.42.

Hughes Performance Big Tire: “Eh Hoser!” Canadian John DeJonge (far lane) handed Giuseppe Gentile the dirty end of the hockey stick in the finals (a no time eliminator).

Flying A Small Tire: Las Vegas local, Frank Yee got the best of Kevin Wallauer (a no-time eliminator).

Ultimate 8: In a $20,000 Take All “Race Within a Race” Daniel Pharris piloting his unique 2014 Lexus, claimed the hefty payout over Roger Holder (a no-time eliminator).

Accufab Mustang Maddness: Second time’s a charm. After runnering up to Donnie Bowles earlier in the evening, Brent Calvert (near lane) was victorious over Jason Biscay, 8.79 (8.78 DI)/155.70 to 11.67 (11.76 DI)/111.56.

Extreme Triple Index: In a struggle between two 60’s classics, Sergio Crespo defeated the Lucas-backed Chevelle of Ron DeHoop 10.56 (10.60 index)/120.79 to 10.55/124.03.

Edelbrock Super Index: Nick Kendrick needed his El Camino’s bed to haul the trophy and cash back home, after defeating Troy Lind 8.58 (8.60 DI)/157.78 to 9/53 (9.60 DI)/142.64.

Unlimited Production Electronics: In a classic digger vs. door car battle, Mike Rock chased down Mark Beavin, 8.12 (8.09 DI)/149.81 to 10.984 (10.98 DI)/107.79

Calvert Non Electronics: After enduring 13 rounds of competition and suffering one final round loss, Mark Beavin (near lane) took out his frustrations on fellow Duster competitor Lisa Johnson 11.09 {10.98 DI)/102.93 to 11.87 (11.73 DI)/97.59. Adding insult to injury, he cut a perfect .000 light.  



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