In a Fuel Altered vs Funny Car contest, Texan John Hale in Steve Plueger’s AA/FC set the pace for all with the first 2-second pass at 2.91 and 108 mph over Jeff Arendt’s (best of the fuel altered) at 3.88 100 mph.

Will Marin singled in his new “Speed Racer”, but once again was forced to shut down way early.

Then came the race of the night with Da Champ (2016) Del Worsham and veteran Gary Densham. Both left with huge flames and it was the old veteran Densham turning in the pass of the night, a 2.57 at 114 mph to Del’s 3.13, 101 mph.


JR. GROUP 1: Carlie Ball, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 12.03 dial, 12.033 ET, 51.53 MPH def. Ethan Molletti, Corona, CA, 12.30 dial, 12.220 ET, 52.13 MPH (broke out)


JR. GROUP 2: Morgan Clinton, Norco, CA, 8.96 dial, 8.988, 71.89 def. Adan Costanza, Buena Park, CA, 9.03 dial, 9.102, 70.63 (red light)


JR. GROUP 3: Maverick Molloy, 7.92 dial, 7.914, 82.79 (broke out) def. Tyler Smith, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 7.95, 7.892, 81.71 9red light)


JR. GROUP 4: Dylan Horridge, Victorville, CA, 7.90 dial, 7.954, 74.43 mph def. Ethan Gates, Fallbrook, CA, 7.96 dial, 8.023, 80.84


Hopefully these guys will give it a shot again next year and with a bit of track prep and rubber on the track things will improve. Thanks to Del and his crew who came all the way from the east coast for this event only.

Jr. Dragster driver Morgan Clinton brought over her trophy that she won that day and got all the champs to sign.


Basically it was a fun night in the hills of Barona, but the times were a bit lacking -- literally. When this reporter went to get the round sheets, the tower personnel kind of laughed at me. Fortunately, I did get a few notes and times down.

At the end of the first side-by-side match ups, no one was able to put up any numbers worth talking about, but the 3.39, 82 mph in the 330 ft. marker was held by Rick White in the Neal & White NTF that was not on the ”invited” list but filled in rather well.

One scary moment was when Jim Holtz in the Trouble Maker I crossed in front of Jeff Arendt in Ray and Caroline Gandy’s “Black Sunshine” Fiat, and Arendt being a top notch shoe, he clicked it immediately saving potential disaster.

Danny Gerber’s beautiful black and gold Trans Am “Wasn’t Easy” once again spun the tires badly and veered toward the centerline narrowly defeating the “Quarter Pounder” Monza 4.08 to 4.13.


The local NTF car of Rick White ran another easy 3.57 at 72 mph for the win over the “Trouble Maker” of Jim Holtz, shut off safely this time.


Nitro night plus Jr. Dragsters at Barona, CA

All For Fun


Keith Wilson in the “Witch Doctor” altered raced against John Hale in Steve Plueger’s AA/FC.


Tucked away in the hills of Barona, Calif., is the beautiful Barona eight-mile Drag Strip. Its located on the Barona Indian Reservation. Once again Del Worsham showed what a special racer he is by attempting to run a nitro show on a very untested race facility. It may not have turned out to be spectacular with the times, but fun was had by all over the Memorial Day weekend.


Not only did the fans get treated to three NHRA Big Show FC’s, three Nostalgia FCs, four AA/FA’s and a Nostalgia TF car, but half a dozen 7.0 cars, same number of outlaw Street machines, and a huge field of Junior Dragsters.

Del Worsham with daughters Maddy and Katie.

Robert Hight with his daughter Autumn.

Highlight of the night was watching the autograph session with Del Worsham, Robert Hight, Ron Capps along with Gary Densham, Jack Beckman and other racers signing autographs for spectators.




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