Jay Turner


In IDBL news, Larry was the talk of the track again as he and Dave Vantine once again produced a stunning side-by-side 5-second run, right off the trailer. On July 29 Larry uncorked a 5.742 @ 242.54 mph to Dave Vantine’s 5.810 @ 234.82 mph as they lit up the night at Maryland International Raceway. Spiderman’s elapsed time of 5.74 seconds is the quickest elapsed time by a Top Fuel drag bike on US soil. Larry then went on to post runs of 5.785 @ 244 mph, then a 5.784 @ 246 mph and another 5.83 @ 236 mph, to log in four consecutive 5-second passes during competition. No other T/F motorcycle team has even come close to being able to do this. Hat’s off to Larry “Spiderman” McBride and his team.

Rodney Williford


Also kicking ass and taking names at the IDBL event in July was Rodney Williford, fresh off his win at the Man Cup MTC Nationals. Rodney defeated Jeremy Teasley in the WPGC-Bike fest and is now two for two in wins, undefeated in Orient Express, Pro Street championship points. He’s also third in points with Man Cup, still a contender for dual Pro Street crowns in 2017. Then again, Jeremy Teasley may have other plans about this. Two races remain at this time for IDBL and Man Cup sanctions; either racer is quite capable of winning the championship. If a dark horse arises, it will have to happen soon.


Kicking ass and taking names in the NHRA Top Fuel class: Jay “Bull Dog” Turner, of Julian, NC, qualified #1 at the NHRA Northwest Nationals in Washington State and sealed his second consecutive NHRA Top Fuel Harley title. With three national events wins and five final round appearances during seven of eight completed races, Jay had the title wrapped up before the Northwest Nat’s were even completed.


“It’s been a great year, not just for me, but for our whole team,” commented Jay. “We are running the bikes harder than we’ve ever run them, so there’s more maintenance, more parts wear, every race, but we’ve got a really good crew and it’s been a really good year.”


Well done to Jay Turner Racing on winning the 2017 Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels Top Fuel Harley drag racing series.


Meanwhile across the pond, at Amcar International Raceway, Gardermoen facility, in Norway, during round 3 of the EDRS Pro Nordic MC races, Tommy Grimes of North Carolina, is kicking some butt and taking names. The former NHRA Top Fuel motorcycle pilot for Ray Price Harley Davidson has been driving for Per Bengtsson on his “The Beast” Super Twin motorcycle. In the EU, their Super Twin is the equivalent of US Top Fuel Harley, as a class. On July 28, 2017, during race three of a four race season in the EU, Tommy drove the Beast to a #1 qualifier position with a 6.609 @ 314 KPH, just ahead of Kemmpaninen Samu who posted a fine 6.641 @ 307 KPH. Tommy then drove through the field to the finals to eliminate Roman Sixta, for his first win of the season for Per Bengtsson.


Another standout at this event was Sverre Dahl in Top Fuel motorcycle who ran an excellent 5.981 elapsed time at 373.41 KPH (232.02 MPH) during qualifying. Dahl, who ran his personal best at this event, was favored to win, but when his performance slipped a bit during final eliminations, #2 qualifier Rikard Gustafson was right there to storm by him for the win.


Hat’s off to the fine Top Fuel motorcycles of the European Union!


In NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle news, at the NHRA Toyota Sonoma Nationals on July 30 LE Tonglet won the event, but it was a little too close for comfort in a manner of speaking. The margin of victory was indicated to be by .0002, according to the timing system, in favor of Tonglet over Matt Smith.


Controversy erupted shortly after the race when some finish line photographs seemed to indicate Matt Smith’s front tire crossed the finish line before Tonglet.


A firestorm of controversy on social media helped fuel doubt with Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Matt Smith, who contacted NHRA requesting clarification on the matter. To make a long story short, NHRA, at the highest levels, gave the situation a thorough review and the win for LE Tonglet stands. It should be noted that finish line cameras are never on the same level and pointed at the same target, on the same plane, as finish line sensors.


Well done to both Matt Smith and LE Tonglet for their professionalism in addressing this matter after the event. They both accepted the findings as rendered by the NHRA. 

motorcycle memo's w/Tom McCarthy

Kicking Ass & Taking Names in 2017

Photos by Tom McCarthy

Sam Wills defeated Larry McBride at GALOT Motorsports Park.


As the month of August starts off, the motorcycle drag racers who are kicking ass and taking names at this time of the year are the ones headed for championships before the winter snows fall. By November, several racers I mention here in this month’s column will be national champions in their respective classes before they sit down for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Larry McBride


In the Man Cup motorcycle drag racing sanction, at GALOT Motorsports Park on July 16, Sam Wills and Larry McBride locked horns again and Sam got the better of Larry in this one for his first national event win this year. Larry, who was leading Sam in championship points going into the event by 23 points, is now only ahead by a slim five-point margin after Sam getting the better of him in Dunn, NC. With two races remaining in the Man Cup series, these two monsters of rock will battle hard for the #1 plate once again. Last year, Larry beat Sam on the last race of the season to win it, Sam’s out to return the favor this year. These two will bare-knuckle it for the remained of 2017, much to fans delight.



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