The Fugate family took home another trophy in Modified Eliminator (10.00) when Austin Fugate (Minor in Possession) got the win over Thurl Howard (Gone Ballistic) in a double red-light race. Austin Fugate (-.017) 10.04 @ 113.00 def. Thurl Howard (-.047) 10.129 @ 101.92.

Steve Walls (Sotally Tober) got the victory in Stock Eliminator (11.00) at the big end after Kyle Fawks (Booger Red) broke out. Steve Walls, 11.052 @ 88.06 def. Kyle Fawks, 10.970 @ 87.37.

Top qualifier Andrew Decker (N 2 Deep) carried the number one spot all the way to the River Racer (12.00) finish getting a holeshot victory over Tracy Lowe (Intimidator). Andrew Decker (far lane), 12.184 @ 77.86 def. Tracy Lowe, 12.088 @ 94.37.

Nate Stephenson (Dominator) took the Personal Watercraft 1 (12.00/dial in) hardware back to Oklahoma getting the win over Cade Janecek (All or Nothing) in the finals. Nate Stephenson (far lane), 17.185 @ 54.18 def. Cade Janecek, 17.978 @ 52.75.


The Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series travel to Wheatland, MO, for the 7th Annual Diamond Nationals during Labor Day weekend (Sept 1-3).

Gus Ward


Gus Ward (Whisky Tango Foxtrot) grabbed the No. 1 qualifying spot on Saturday then parleyed that into the Pro Outlaw (5.40) win. Ward got the win on the starting line when Tommy Thompson (A Few Dollars More) went red. It would have been an interesting race at the finish had Thompson not gone red with only 1/100th difference on their ET slips.


Gus Ward, 5.473 @ 166.23 def. Tommy Thompson, 5.463 @ 157.98 (red)


Ward ousted Eric Dement (Real Bad Boy), Lee Warren (Say When) with a Round 2 bye on his way to the finals. Thompson bested Chris Bean (Team Sound Design), Jim Richards (Alka-hauler) and had a bye in the semifinals.

The finals in Quick Eliminator (6.00) was decided at the starting after Henry Boehne (Lucky Draw) went red by .025 giving the win to Tommy Rice (Another Wet Dream) who ran a 6.070 @ 144.06.

Ray Males (Blue Thunder) had no competition in the Pro Eliminator (8.00) class and made a ceremonial run of 8.327 @ 119.94 for the victory

Vic Fugate (Lunatic Friends) (near lane) took home the Top Eliminator (9.00) hardware getting the win early when Brian Winslett (Flat Fancy) lit the red light. Vic Fugate, 9.341 @ 115.13 def. Brian Winslett, 9.196 @ 115.49(red)

race reports

26th Annual LakeFest Drag Boat races at Lake Marble Falls, Texas

Words and photos by JM Hallas

Bryan Sanders (far lane) got the best of Scott Compton in a Top Fuel Hydro do-over.


After two days of qualifying it was time for the final eliminations at the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series, 26th Annual LakeFest. Sunday, Aug. 13, was the day to find out who would take home the championship trophies in each class, and maybe set a new record or two in the process. Although with the heat and air density it would be difficult.


Recapping Saturday final qualifying

In the pro classes Bryan Sanders (Nitrochondriac)-Top Fuel Hydro, Travis Tutle (Short Fuse)- Top Alcohol Hydro and Tony Scarlotta (Shazam)-Top Alcohol Flats went to their rooms on top of the qualifying sheets.


The Pro Modifieds saw Mike Lamb (Just 1 More) keep the number-one spot while the Gus Ward (Whisky Tango Foxtrot) snagged the Pro Outlaw number one spot on his final pass.


In the Sportsman it was Steve Carter’s perfect 6.000 (Ratical Proposition)-Quick Eliminator, Ray Males (Blue Thunder)-Pro Eliminator, Robert Winder (Mommas Diamond)-Top Eliminator, Randy Cockrell (Can’t Get Right)-Modified Eliminator, CD Ward (Rockets Red Glare)-Stock Eliminator, Andrew Decker (N 2 Deep)-River Racer and Hope Helm (Woodys Wild Child)-Personal Watercraft securing the number-one spots.


Sunday started out to be a match-up of two Tommy Thompson Motorsports boats in the Top Fuel Hydro finals, Bryan Sanders (Nitrochondriac) and Scott Compton (Liquid VooDoo). As the two boats staged the timing system malfunctioned in Sanders' lane. Compton, whose side worked, went ahead and made a good pass and briefly was awarded the win, while Sanders stayed on the line.


But wait, there's more.


Once LODBRS officials discovered what happened, some options were thrown out. After a discussion with Thompson, the owner of both boats, they opted to do a rerun. Now this isn't like you can just come back up and run once they've been started. Both crews thrashed to get their boats back to the lanes and the entire process took about two hours.


During that period most fans stayed awaiting a side by side pass. As the teams rolled to the in-ramp they threw out t-shirt to show their appreciation to everyone waiting. Then the fans were treated to a side by side 3.52-second pass that was won on the starting line by Sanders with his 7/100th advantage off the line. As Compton went through the traps the boat started rocking side to side, but he was able to pull the chutes and get the boat stopped still afloat.


Top Fuel Hydro Final: Bryan Sanders, 3.526 @ 266.26 def. Scott Compton, 3.528 @ 254.76


Round 1 Eliminations

Bryan Sanders, 3.542 @ 268.22 def. Kevin Burgess (Locked and Loaded) 4.731 @ 137.87


Scott Compton, 3,566 @ 253.65 def. Daryl Erlich (Problem Child) 4.151 @ 241.54

Travis Tutle (far lane) took the Top Alcohol Hydro win over Dale Riggs.


Travis Tutle (Short Fuse) had everything going his way throughout the weekend. After leading the way in qualifying on both days, Tutle was paired with Dale Riggs (Bad Moon Rising) in the Top Alcohol Hydro finals. Riggs went .040 red at the start -- a good thing since Tutle had trouble at about 100 feet before getting back on the gas and completing his run.


Top Alcohol Hydro Final: Travis Tutle, 5.039 @ 168.56 def/ Dale Riggs, N/T (red light)


Round 1 Eliminations

Travis Tutle, 4.567 @ 197.83 def. Rick Allen (Little White Lie), 5.685 @ 98.70


Dale Riggs, 4.623 @ 190.21 def. Steve Streeter (Untouchable), 4.627 @ 198.19

Tony Scarlotta


Tony Scarlotta(Shazam) had the field covered by about 2/10th all weekend and made his way to the finals. Bill Diez (War Party) was his opponent but during engine warm-up a problem was discovered. Instead of making a single pass Scarlotta showed good sportsmanship allowing Diez and crew time to get the boat ready for the finals.


Diaz did everything he could, killing Scarlotta on the lights, but Scarlotta's boat was just too tough as he blasted past Diez to grab the victory on the top end. Scarlotta, who got a leg on a new LODBRS speed record, couldn't back up that number in the finals.


Top Alcohol Flats Final: Tony Scarlotta, 5.294 @ 164.51 def. Bill Diez, 5.858 @ 145.11


Round 2 Eliminations

Tony Scarlotta, 5.200 @ 167.37 def. Bill Miller (Party to the Max) 5.633 @ 150.22


Bill Diez, 9,679 @ 59.19 - Bye


Round 1 Eliminations

Tony Scarlotta, 5.304 @ 162.39 - Bye


Bill Diez, 9.508 @ 64.68 def. Spike Gorr (My Way) N/T broke


Bill Miller, 5.589 @ 150.41 - Competition bye (Marcus Kinsey broke)

Mike Lamb


Mike Lamb (Just 1 More) who led both days of qualifying, made his way to the Pro Mod (7.00) finals against Shelby Evert (Can’t touch This). Ebert left 2/100th earlier than Lamb, but he was able to chase her down on the big end to score the win.


Mike Lamb, 7.048 @ 168.07 def. Shelby Ebert, 7.085 @ 179.56


Lamb also took down Casey Beal (Another Split Decision), Robb Burklin (The Pearl) and had a Round 1 bye. Ebert trailered Joe McIntyre (Hydro Commando), Tim Ortiz (Empty Pockets) and got a bye into the finals.




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