Team and Driver The Tipsy One Sayeth Odds
Jason Rupert Two-time and reigning NHRA Heritage Series champ, keeping his driving skills sharp in Alky FC’s with Winternationals runner up. Home court advantage for this team. 2-1
Chad Head Defending March Meet champ knows the way to the winner’s circle, Now big-show driver won here last year on TKO. Brush off the dust for another final round candidate. Another final round won’t surprise. 3-1 
Steven Densham Team quietly goes to late rounds every year. Pops Densham knows his tune-up; could be the year team goes to finals. 4-1
Ron Capps Heritage Series AA/FC ET record holder is back with the Plueger team for one last March Meet blast in the “LA Hooker” Arrow. Plueger has to find lost power for win again. 5-1
John Hale Two-time and defending DRO AA/FC Challenge champ has plenty of parts, power, and motivation. Last year’s DNQ must be avenged. Crew rested and ready. If team qualifies, bet large. 6-1
Kris Krabill Austin & O’Brien are this season’s super team with 5.70s in testing. A good bet for the final round; both driver and tuner know the finish line win light. 7-1
Dennis LaCharite Back in Black GTO made lots of horsepower in testing without hurting parts, Crew chief Cory Lee is secret weapon. He has the book on B-field but needs to find at least a tenth to win here. 8-1
Del Worsham Big Show T/F Champ is back to his roots; Parties hard, races hard. He… could… go… all …the…. way! 9-1
Dan Horan Jr. Never discount tuner Ronnie Swearingen. Driver showed his ability at Saturday Night Nitro. Strong runner with a focused driver. 10-1
Will Martin New crew chief Chris Nance, new sponsor, winning attitude. Could easily go rounds but going to final round problematic. 11-1
Shawn Bowen Excellent DRO Challenge team from Michigan makes first March Meet appearance. Runs big speeds and might surprise with a top-five qualifying position, after that, hold on for the “Violator”. 12-1
James Day New engine combo in the same old “Pedaler” Arrow. New chassis and body coming soon but not at the March Meet. Should still qualify in top half of the field and go rounds. 12-1

March Meet

It’s time for the 55th Annual March Meet held March 7-10 at Auto Club Famoso near Bakersfield, Calif. Just for fun, Tipsy Trickster has the odds on each of the Funny Car teams in competition. What are the odds he’s right? Fifty-fifty.

Tim Boychuk Canadian hitter has been a force in B-field for several years. No Roland Leong tuning this year doesn't help chances. 12-1
John Powers III Driving for crafty Lee Jennings Sr., who knows how to make mucho HP. Team should qualify but inexperienced driver needs to step up for this team to go rounds. 14-1
Roger Garten Freak trans issue blew the body off of the “War Horse” last year. These nitro vets know how to win. 15-1 
Robert Overholser “California Hustler” pilot should qualify; car went to semi’s in 2012, but new crew chiefs and new body a factor. Should qualify. 15-1
Les Leggitt Past champion Garrett Bateman driving. Mid-season performance boost shows promise for this team. 16-1
Rick Rogers Good qualifier, but tight budget in “Smokey’s Darkside” camp a factor. If lots of heart can make the difference team should qualify and go rounds. 16-1
Bob Godfrey New lightweight body for perennial qualifier. Should go to the semis but needs breaks for the finals. 16-1
Mark Sanders “Mr. Explosive” is back with new body same old enthusiasm. Son and tuner, Jake Sanders, will turn it up to eleven for final round showdown. 17-1
Josh Crawford Hard charging Mustang has been sitting in Oakdale, Calif., shop while Boss jumped into Big Show car, should qualify well. 18-1
Mike Cook Jr. Stone Woods & Cook Mustang gaining power. Bonneville racers alliance could score a qualifier here. 19-1
Wayne Mellinger Midwest longshot with Big Show crew. Do Corradi and Oswald still know small pump, blower and mag? 20-1
Claude LaVoie Ol’ 392 is on and off pace, needs consistency but should qualify in mid-pack. 20-1