Team and Driver The Tipsy One Sayeth Odds
Jason Rupert ‘69 Camaro A force at this track and series. Pop Frank Rupert is invaluable on this team. Only parts damage can slow them down. 1-1
John Hale ‘69 Camaro Two-time DRO AA/FC Champ wants to add Heritage Championship to his resume. Qualifying is this team’s only weakness. If they make it to the first pass, the Tipsy One says bet the house and your horseshoes. 3-2 
Del Worsham & Chad Head  '77 Arrow, '78 Firebird You get two for the price of one here. Best friends share tuners Chuck Worsham and Jim Head. Either car can go 5.80’s on a dirt road. Big Show Top Fuel Champ has more passes in a flopper than the field combined. 2-1
Kris Krabill ‘77 Arrow Driver showed his ability at Boise, Bucky Austin underrated as a tuner. Beat by Hale at this race last year. 3-1
Dan Horan Jr. ‘65 Mustang This team has many laps here and they have gone quick and fast enough to win.  Long odds favorite Ronnie Swearingen tuning tilts odds in their favor. If the rods stay in they will be tough. Only driver also racing a Top Fuel car at Famoso. 4-1
Steven Densham  ‘69 Camaro Another solid 5.70-5.80 performer. Dad Gary Densham tuning here makes a difference. Will probably have to step on the tune-up to go rounds. Been in finals before - no surprise if it happens again. 9-2
Mike Lewis & Bodie Smith  ‘71 Mustang/’71 Camaro Veteran drivers plus Paul Smith tuning both cars makes this two-car team a legit threat.  Two-car teams do have an advantage even at this level. 5-1
Ronny Young  ‘77 Arrow Has plenty of parts and talent. Found 5.70’s at DRO Tulsa event. Dale Emory and rest of Texas pals could get these guys to the semis with a chance to advance. 6-1
Dennis LaCharite  ‘69 GTO Veteran tuner/driver Cory Lee just getting this car to his liking. Both tuner and driver know this track and semifinals wouldn’t be a surprise. Will need some racing luck to win it all. 7-1
Robert Overholser  ‘73 Duster  New driver not the issue. New crew chief and revamped team. Car has the power, could be a factor needs to find the 5.80s again. 8-1
Will Martin ‘69 Mustang Team has gone to semifinals this year with low 5.70’s. Still recovering from Boise explosion, but qualified #1 there. Wouldn’t be a surprise if this team goes rounds. 9-1

California Hot Rod Reunion

The field keeps changing, but the Tipsy One has the odds on most of the AA Funny Car field at the California Hot Rod Reunion. And remember, folks, this is all in fun!

James Day  ‘77 Arrow New driver, new tuner, same old car. Early year turmoil now in the past. Team is capable and will have something to prove. Car knows its way to Reunion winners circle but does the crew? 10-1
Rick Rogers ‘79 Challenger Driver has a very good RT often. 5.78 power could take them deep into field again. 10-1
Jeff Arend  '77 Firebird Big Show drivers don’t have a good record at this race. Arend will have to learn to drive with 3,000 hp instead of 10,000 and a two-speed instead of direct drive.  Pulde available by phone if needed. 11-1
John Powers III  ‘77 Camaro This car was fastest in nation two years ago thanks to Lee Jennings Sr. power. No doubt car has the horses to compete. Driver is an unknown. Second best long-shot pick. 12-1
Tim Boychuk ‘77 Firebird March Meet DQ, Canadian here to show his stuff without the Hawaiian tune-up. 12-1
Josh Crawford  ‘69 Camaro New car with solid 5.80 driver. Could qualify and go rounds. 13-1
Garrett Bateman  ‘78 Corvette Leggett power has been helped by Bonneville buds. Team improving with 2009 heritage Champ in the seat. 14-1
Roger Garten ‘73 Mustang Veteran nitro team, past event winner, recovered from body explosion, solid qualifier. 15-1
Bob Godfrey ‘69 Camaro Godfrey can go rounds without taking off the heads, is veteran who helped start the class. 15-1
Claude Lavoie ‘72 GTX Has been away this year, but 392 power makes this car fly. 15-1
Cruz Pedregon ‘77 Firebird Beautiful new car, Big Show Champ did well in Heritage trim before. Legal spoiler? 15-1
Tim Nemeth ‘69 Mustang Canadian runs IHRA, DRO and Heritage, has tune-up to qualify. 15-1
Dennis Taylor ‘73 Mustang Veteran racer with veteran tuner, up and down year, could be a qualifier. 16-1
Dean Oberg ‘68 Jeep Tribute to Ed Lenarth has been sitting for a spell, Fuel Altered driver Oberg a plus. 20-1
Ed Dougan ‘77 Camaro Last year's issues behind them, needs to lay down those 5.80 laps. 20-1
Dwayne Patton ‘69 Camaro Boat racer is always a player to qualify, good running car. 20-1
Mike Cook ‘71 Mustang Unknown quantity of legendary team, Bonneville racers could pull out a round or two if they qualify. 20-1
Chris Davis ‘72 Vega Tough field, Northwest match racer is an unknown quantity. 22-1
Rian Konno ‘71 Mustang Solid car, has been inconsistent this year. 22-1
Scott Cousimano ‘77 Arrow New car, has had trouble getting down the track, long shot to qualify. 25-1