Tipsey Trickster sees the NHRA tour has reached it's mid-point, disregarding The Chase portion (and many do, by the way). So it is all the more fitting this week's venue is Bristol Dragway. Bristol has a whole hunk of history attached, serving as the lynch pin of AHRA's southeast market (back in the day), and later hosting Larry Carrier's IHRA break away movement from AHRA. Something about creative differences... or maybe not. Anyway, it's in the NHRA fold now, and it's a key element in all NHRA pro racer's campaigns - if they wanna be da champ. And who doesn't want that? Ya'all go to Bristol, ya heah? Ya'all gonna see sumptin ya ain't nevah seen before, unless ya already seen it! Tipsey swears there is no regional bias expressed in the preceeding sentences, as he is a well known hick from the Ozarks... in a previous life. Can ya dig it?


Spencer Massey Kind of hard to ignore two wins in a row. Not in the lead yet, but definitely the Guy To Watch 5 to 2
Del Worsham Last outing more like it. Rates equal billing with Massey, won't if he stumbles in Bristol. 7 to 2
Larry Dixon Jr Not that far behind teammate Worsham. Has the look of a lean mean veteran on the move. 9 to 2
Brandon Bernstein May be a bit too early to get too excited. Needs to continue improved performance to advance up the ranks. 5 to 1
Tony Schumacher Finding it difficult to sustain forward march. Unwise to think this bunch won't be in it to the end. 6 to 1
Doug Kalitta Same deal as Schumacher. JimO knows this track well Two steps forward, one back. Not a great game plan. 7 to 1
Antron Brown Looked like a comer not that long ago. Not so much last two outings. What gives, fellas? 8 to 1
Morgan Lucas Tough year when second round loss can be viewed as a positive. needs more, and soon. 10 to 1
Shawn Langdon The clock is ticking - the window is closing. Lots of catchy sayings apply, none of them good. 15 to 1
Terry McMillen Looks in good shape compared to 2010. Losing ground of late in 2011 however. Needs a rebound. 20 to 1
Mike Neff For a week, at least, he is indeed The Man! Takes all comers, for now. 5 to 2
Cruz Pedregon Off and on, the main emerging threat. Stills shows a penchant for early exits at the worst times. 7 to 2
Matt Hagan Looked like a bust early in the year. Now rebounding in a big way. Live long shot, for sure. 9 to 2
Jack Beckman Still Fast, just not as fast as some. Will factor all year long, don't bet against it. 5 to 1
Robert Hight Bad stumble followed big win. May well be at a crossroads, if points title is to be won. 6 to 1
Ron Capps On the way up, no telling where he will go from here. Contender in Bristol and all other tour stops. 7 to 1
Johnny Gray Definite factor, no matter who he lines up against. Still a reach for championship, but ya never know. 8 to 1
John Force Not done yet, but he sure is making it hard on himself. Kick him again, at your own risk. 10 to 1
Bob Tasca III Really like the new body tech! Really getting tired of using that story line! Win one, would ya?! 12 to 1
Jeff Arend Still hanging in there, but not by much. Needs to do more, or will be relegated to spoiler role down stretch. 15 to 1
Jason Line Second round losses won't work in long run. But that won't last long? Will it? 5 to 2
Greg Stanfield The main threat. Except for GA, Edwards, AJ, etc etc etc 7 to 2
Greg Anderson How does TT put this guy third? It his week, that's how! As good as any, and way better than most. 5 to 2
Vince Nobile Pesky guy just won't go away. Definitely the People's Choice - and a great value play every week! 9 to 2
Allen Johnson On the move to the top. Could well string a few together and make life miserable for top contenders. 5 to 1
Mike Edwards Gotta go rounds! Gotta go rounds! Oh the angst! Oh the grind! Hey, he's got a good a shot as any of 'em. 6 to 1
Roger Brogdon Keep spending the money, RB! You ARE making progress. It's just hard to tell, sometimes. 8 to 1
THE FIELD If your name wasn't called, you are now in The Field. It's not a slam, it's just the way things are - this week. 10 to 1
Danny Rowe Why not? Because EVERY Pro Mod runner wants this win, and his tuner knows this track better than most 5 to 2
Khalid Balooshi May not find any southern hospitality hereabouts. Fast as he is, he may not care. NOS cars may have edge here 7 to 2
Rickie Smith Think he wouldn't love a Bristol win? If so, ya don't know Rickie very well. 9 to 2
Ed Hoover Last out slight offset to win two back. geared up for continued move up points standings. 5 to 1
Mike Castellana Just missed last out. Has the ingredients to go the distance, here and now. 6 to 1
Brad Personnett Turbo king finally starting to live up to expectations. Pro Mod field better hope he stubs toe, again. 7 to 1
Roger Burgess Been off the pace of late. Must reverse trend or settle for spoiler role - and who wants that? 8 to 1
The Field If ya don't want to be a part of The Field, go some rounds. it really is that simple, bucko(s)! 10 to 1