"The path to glory can be a dangerous one". That's a famous quote from a famous man, whose name has utterly escaped the Tipsy Trickster's weather-beaten mind. No matter. The dangers of racing at Englishtown, or Old Bridge Township Raceway Park if you prefer, are well documented. So no need to belabor the subject here. But the path to NHRA championships still runs through New Jersey, and the special challenges this tour stop presents must be dealt with. There are still plenty of pro shoes with a shot at wining "IT" all, and a win at this storied venue could be the springboard all are seeking.


Tony Schumacher Could this be the surge team has been desperately seeking? Only Massey has been better last two races, but Army has tools to continue upward swing 5 to 2
Del Worsham Desert Stormer needs to reverse recent trend, too soon to panic. No surprise. 7 to 2
Spencer Massey Perhaps the Vanguard of the New Breed? Hard to argue with last two efforts - the man on the move! 9 to 2
Antron Brown Slight hiccup offset win at Atlanta. Looking like a long-term threat for all the gold. 5 to 1
Doug Kalitta Has the look of a contender, just needs the slightest of breaks. Money play for solid longshot players 6 to 1
Larry Dixon Jr Been mired in second round of late. Wouldn't take much improvement to advance up the rankings 7 to 1
Terry McMillen Gator Guy has been making some noise lately. Needs to go past second round to continue move into contender status. 8 to 1
Brandon Bernstein Copart can not be happy! Neither can anybody named Bernstein. Team must do better, no excuses accepted. 10 to 1
Shawn Langdon Up down, up down, out early. It's a cruel, cruel world on the NHRA tour. Get tough or get used to the beatings! 15 to 1
Morgan Lucas Won't be in the top ten much longer if he doesn't make a move. Will he? 20 to 1
Mike Neff Lost in finals again, so frustration factor is in play. To be the man, ya have to beat the man! So do it already! 5 to 2
Robert Hight Most recent winner main threat to Neff and others. Poised to go on win streak. 5 to 2
Jack Beckman Has the best "last two" results. Would be a legendary force, in a non-Force world. 9 to 2
Cruz Pedregon Last outing had to disappoint CP. He's working a tough 'hood, and it just keeps getting tougher all the time. 5 to 1
Matt Hagan One of many finding tough sledding against the top tier. How do you beat Machine? 6 to 1
Johnny Gray Doing well in his return to nitro racing. Just not well enough to beat the top dogs. 7 to 1
Ron Capps Showing signs of returning to form. has a lot of ground to make up, but represents live long shot that can do. 8 to 1
Bob Tasca III Another who shows signs of advancing. But then he regresses. Like the new body tech, though. 10 to 1
Jeff Arend Team must have mixed emotions,given the venue. It will either be a distraction or a rallying point. Best wishes, guys. 12 to 1
John Force Champ having his problems of late. Transition into entertainment mogul may be distracting him a bit. 15 to 1
Jason Line OK, they are officially back. Never mind Shane Gray's nice win, the juggernaut is poised - to destroy. 8 to 5
Greg Anderson See above. REALLY! And get out of the way! 8 to 5
Greg Stanfield Hyperbole aside, main threat to Anderson and Line. It's a hard-knock life. 5 to 2
Allen Johnson Where did he come from? Where was he? Can he keep up recent uptick? 9 to 2
Roger Brogdon Still plenty of doubters out there. Recent results say dismiss at your own peril. Upset special. 5 to 1
Mike Edwards Slight regression last out offset nice run at Atlanta. One of many who can do if top two stumble. 6 to 1
Vince Nobile Early season success story off pace last two outings. Not too late for Jersey Boy to get it together 8 to 1
THE FIELD Ya just never know who is going to rise up and strike a blow against The Machine. 10 to 1
Ed Hoover Pro Mod OG finally back on top of the heap. Don't bet he won't stay right there for quite a spell. 2 to 1
Khalid Balooshi Done very little wrong so far, though last out was not up to snuff. Take at own risk. 5 to 2
Rickie Smith Still a tick off the top two or three. Another not to be taken lightly. 7 to 2
Mike Castellana Last out was more in line with expectations.Would be no surprise, at a price! 9 to 2
Troy Coughlin Probably wondering why he hasn't won yet. All of us are, to be honest. 5 to 1
Danny Rowe Missing in action last out. If he shows, will have an impact, for sure. 6  to 1
Melanie Troxel Made some progress at Atlanta. Would be the people's choice with improved perfomance. 7 to 1
Scott Ray Been in Pro Mod since the early days. Hardcore racers can do when they make field. 10 to 1