Eighty Under?
Did You Say Eighty Under?

Words and photo by Jeff Burk

kay, so now the DRO project Comp Eliminator car has been to four NHRA national events and qualified for two. Thanks to the horsepower our Patterson small block delivered, the TH-200 Scott McClay transmission combined with the trick seven-inch converter that Stanley Poff from TCI built, our digital MSD-7, and the work of the Adkins brothers, who take time off from their duties working on Mike Ashley's Pro Mod to flog the
'Bird, driver Kenny Nowling was able to come out and run respectably under the index from the start. Respectably meaning .30 to .40 under our B/EA index of 8.53.

At E-Town the car ran its best pass thanks to a little chassis and shock adjustment from Pro Stock Truck/Comp racer Tim Freeman. We ran an 8.04 at E-Town to get into the show thanks to the rare air and Freeman, but we were still buried in the bottom half of the field.

The Adkins Bros are going to work on the 'Bird to try and get the car qualified into the top half of the field. Before the next race we will probably have to send the tranny back to Scott McClay for a ratio change. We also are going to talk to the folks at TCI about another converter since what we have now is probably not what we are going to need when the weather finally gets hot and the tracks start getting slick.

We discovered that these changes were probably going to have to be made at Chicago where we DNQ'd. We've got about three weeks before St. Louis to get some changes made, so we're starting to thrash now. We'll keep you informed as we go along.


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