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I have a stock TH-400 trans, a 4000 stall speed converter and a B&M Pro Stick in a car I like to drag on the weekends. My car never sees any street driving. Is there any way to stop the trans from shifting on its own? I'd prefer to have it only shift to the next gear whenever I hit the shifter. I've been told I might be able to accomplish this via the governor but want to make sure that is correct. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Garfield, NJ

If you are going to just race this vehicle you would be better off with a full manual valve body. With that it will only shift when you want it to. The manual valve body gets rid of all automatic function, so there is no other input to mess you up. At the very least a good shift kit could give you manual control, but the manual valve body is best especially if you plan to race a foot brake class only. We have found that most people once they start using the manual valve body call back later to see how much more it will cost to have a transbrake put on because the brake makes it easier to hold the car and reaction times are usually better.  

Thanks, Mike.

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