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Hey Mike,
I have a Turbo 350 with a Hipster trans brake and the problem I'm having is it creeps forward when the trans brake is applied. I just went through it and put alto red frictions in it. I had Raybestos blue racing clutches in it and it did the same thing. I'm using type F trans fluid. The hole I drilled through the direct drum piston is 1/16 inch. The clutch stack clearance is set at .025 and I have those heavy return springs in it that came with the brake. It's really hard to get the retaining ring in, even with a foot pedal press. Yes, reverse is soft...got any idea's?

Jim Leszczynski
Garden City, Mich


The first thing to check is main line pressure. A pressure test with a transmission pressure gauge is always one of the first things to look at if the pressure is not up to snuff nothing works right. Usually these valve bodies have about 180 -200 PSI at 2000 RPM. Your direct clutch clearance also seems to be a little tight, I believe the instructions from Automatic Trans Design=Hipster say .050 - .070 clearance. Tight    clearance on this pack will cause premature darkening of the clutches from dragging in the top of low gear. Depending on how old your brake is may tell the story. There may be a newer design that works much better if you call ATD they would be able to tell you that.

Thanks, Mike.

Mike’s Transmission
Lancaster CA
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