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I have a '69 Camaro with a 383 stroke motor and a 700r4 trans. The car has a Richmond rear with 355 gears and a 2200 stall converter. The problem is that it shifts in overdrive just over 50 mph and it down shifts out below 50mph. I have an electrical wire going to the trans. to lock-up the converter but I'm just wondering if I need to put in a different kind of set-up so the converter will stay locked up till about 40mph in high gear. I'm turning more rpm's below 50 than I do going down the interstate at 70.

Roy Overbay,

Roy Overbay,

To clear up a little bit about the lockup on the torque converter, it is not related to the four forward speeds, the lockup is on a system on its own. 700R4 transmissions are governor sensitive, which means a governor change can make night and day differences in the way the transmission works, shift timing, etc. As for the lockup or torque converter clutch that goes on most street rods, I like to use a fourth gear switch along with a vacuum switch to control lockups.

Thanks, Mike.

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