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My question is regarding powerglide front pumps. I have a 3000 lb. back have Nova with a 468 that dyno'd at close to 800 horsepower. I have a Deadenbear case powerglide built by Sullivan Motorsports here locally , but I bought the tranny used, but told it was freshly rebuilt It has a 1.76 first, and I run a 4.56 rear gear with a 33-16.5 slick. The car has now 14 runs on new motor and trans. I've tried 4 different coverters up to a 5500 stall, and the car has never 60 footed properly... almost leaves like in high gear. When shifting into high the car bogs..other wise the motor runs strong and does the burnout strong. I've been told the front pump stator and/or pump could have broke causing this problem. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Kerry Dennis
Fort Worth , Texas


I think you need to have a good look at your engine dyno sheet. Normally a big block of this style makes peak torque around 5,800 – 6,000 rpm, and peak horsepower at around 7,600 – 7,800. This is where the engine runs best. We must set up the torque converter and the gearing of this car to work in those areas. If the pump was broken such as stator etc. the transmission would be smoked on the first run.

In order to 60 ft. this car and make it run to its full potential, we need to regear it and get the converter loosened up to peak torque. The idea is to run between peak torque and peak horsepower in general.


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