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Is the best stall speed for a drag race converter based on peak torque alone or are there other factors?

Grant Howell, Victoria, B.C. Canada


Peak torque is one of many points to consider when setting up a racing or performance torque converter.  We have a page on our website, mikestransmission.com that we use to gather as much information as possible about the customers combination.  That, along with dyno sheets which a lot more customers have today really gives us a good idea of the needs of the vehicle/engine combination. 

When we look at those dyno sheets we look at how wide or broad the torque curve is, for instance: Good torque over a 3000-3500 rpm band within 20-30 ft lbs of peak torque, or only 1000 rpm band within 20-30 ft lbs. of peak torque.  This is what we call a peaky motor, power and torque in a small rpm window.  These peaky engines are more challenging to set up a torque converter for.


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